Check out the disc golf videos! I have been on some pretty awesome disc golf adventures lately! 

Disc golf is one of my favorite pastimes. It’s my “Zen Sport”.  For me, it’s more about getting outside and being active and trying to improve myself, than competing with others. there are leagues that get competitive too, if that is your thing. 

Disc Golf is a great way to get exercise, get outside, get some sun – Vitamin D is super-important and has mood-altering benefits that helps people feel good! One of the best ways to get vitamin d is through our skin, from direct sun exposure


Here are some recent disc courses

I am trying to shoot these pictures so you can follow the path of the courses.

I have found that if you don’t know a course, The Udisc App is very useful! 

Check out my Blog Post for more info about disc golf

I also provide some great bonus material there. I use disc golf as a HIIT Cardio workout when I can. I have seen awesome gains from this workout! Check out the HIIT Disc Golf Part for more!  

Check out my Youtube Channel for all my videos!

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