Here at we believe that food can impact Attitude 

Attitude can make life good or bad

Eating good food can help us have a good attitude 

Good Food with Good motivation and Good exercise can make a good life


What we are all about

I love food

I Always have 

I was never too picky about what I ate

Never gave too much thought to healthy eating 

One day I woke up and realized I was about 80lbs overweight

On top of that, I had been living with a terrible attitude 


I needed to make a change!


This Site Chronicles some of my personal fitness

I also share my food ideas 

In my years as a student, I developed a love for writing and research


I Research and write about:

Food and fitness





And things like that…


I also link to and review some products and services I use in my life 

Good Food, combined with an effort to have a good attitude, and the discipline to maintain a Healthy workout program has changed my life. If you are stuck, maybe some of my ideas could help.

If you like our message, feel free to leave a comment. Check out the links. Follow the GOOD:Blog. See what happens when you become the hero of your own story!

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