Attitude Makes Life what it is.
We can control our attitude.
By controlling attitude we can control our life.

Set the standard in your life. Then raise the bar. 

Be better today than you were yesterday.

The ultimate competition is that between “You” of yesterday and “the you” that you could become today. 

The mind is like a garden with fertile soil; anything will grow in that soil. Tend your garden. If you don’t it will become overgrown with weeds. 

Write down the things you want in your life. Set a daily plan to move yourself in the direction of those things.  

Do have the Character? YOU DO! Believe that you do and take the actions that prove your belief.


Joe Rogan shares some good insight in this clip; The "be the hero of your own story" idea is life changing.

Imagine Dragons, Whatever it takes:
"...cause I love the adrenaline in my veins..."

Find Mentors

Tom Bilyeu is Awesome!

His insights are incredible. 

He hosts some pretty awesome Youtube shows

This dude’s passion is infectious

Check out this video, or any of his other content 

Study people who are doing the things you want to do! 

Tom shares his successes and failures freely for anyone to learn from

A mentor does not have to be a person you know, they could be anywhere, use the tools available to you and find your mentors!

Control Self-Talk
Set Your Mind-set for the day

Part of having a GOOD attitude is the things you tell yourself, or “self-talk”.

I used to be a victim of my own limiting self-talk

I use videos, books, and other positive media to reprogram my negative self-talk

I listen to this video, or ones like it, every morning.

It helps me set my mind-set up for success for the day.

Setting your mind-set is critical

Control your mind, control your attitude, and use that to create the life you want 

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