I started GoodAttitudeFood.com to teach myself how to eat healthy, be happy, exercise right, and pursue a rich life. 

That goal has now turned into something much bigger. 

I think we can end metabolic disease, and the chronic diseases it causes, through knowledge. 

The goal of GoodAttitudeFood.com is to Provide people with knowledge on how they can prevent metabolic disease. 


Another problem is negative mind-sets that create limiting life patterns. 

I hope to give people information that inspires them to look beyond those limited thinking patterns. 

A rich life is just on the other side of those limiting thoughts. 

ANYTHING is possible. 

Think about the world of possibilities instead of the world of limitations and the world will become LIMITLESS. 


I would love to help with your next creative project.  

I spent the last six years building my educational foundation. 

Now I am ready to translate my skills, talent, and ambition into more Projects. 

This website is my side project. 

Let me help you make yours too! 

My Credentials:

Six Years working full time and attending school online, part time 

Built professional career from starting as a warehouse temp

12 years with company

Associates of Applied Science in Business Logistics – With Honors

Bachelors of Applied Science in Business Administration, With an Emphasis on Supply Chain Management – Summa Cum Laude

Three years working as a Corporate Buyer (while attending school)

Supported R and D, Production Floor, Warehouse Inventory, Vendor management, and various internal stakeholders

Strong Focus on Electro/Mechanical and Technology 

All work done in RFE Project focus 

Custom Parts made to exact Engineering Specifications

Translated technical drawings, and “Engineer Speak” into real, usable parts 

Complex Operating Systems – MRP Based  

Currently Strategic buyer for nationwide corporation

All work is project based

Strong Focus on Telecom Industry

Contracts and Negotiations

Nation-wide field support

Indirect Spend Management


Services Provided

Writing – Creative, technical, and other 

Academic help – Paper Editing, Proofing, Idea Generation, APA help, And General Motivation and Achievement Coaching

Small Business – Basic Website design, Content Creation, advertising, promotion, business logistics mapping, supply chain logistics help, Transportation, Shipping, Warehousing, Contract Negotiation, Consulting and Other project help 

Project Management Consulting – I am currently pursuing my PMP Certification.  

Fitness and Weightloss coaching/advice – Since 2016, I have lost over 80lbs, and have kept it off! I could help you do the same! 

*Note: I am not a Nutritionist, or doctor, or any sort of health professional. I am just a former fat guy, who is still kind of chubby… And who is learning how to be healthy. I do research and find things that work for me. I would love to help other people lose weight and feel good too!  

**Consult a doctor and do your own research before starting any exercise or eating program.

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