Exercise is awesome. Combine it with a disciplined eating plan and muliply benefits.

Exercise is good for the brain and the body and everything else

  • Mood regulation
  • Stress reduction
  • Stroke prevention
  • Improved memory function
  • Neurogenesis
  • Improves Oxygen flow and use 
…I could go on forever
Consider this though:

Combining exercise with Intermittant fasting Can improve benefits.

Some people have added a low carb/high fat diet and seen more positive results. 

Many health experts say we stimulate brain and body health and add cleansing effects through intermittent fasting and excercise


Check out these videos for more info! 


Post-Workout: Static Stretches

Static stretching routines are great for after a workout. This one from BowFlex Fitness is perfect!

You want to do these when the muscles are warmed up.

This video is a short example of a full body static stretching routine. 

I usually do this routine two times through. 

If your workout focus was just on legs that day, you may want to focus more on your legs. Same for arms or chest, or whatever. Focus your stretches on those muscles for the best result

Or you could just do a routine like this to wind down after a longer day.

remember not to over strain when you are doing static stretches. 

Remember to take long, deep, relaxed breaths when performing static stretches. 

Pre-workout: Dynamic Warm-up

 Super Important workout rule: Always go through a warm-up routine before a workout!

For a preworkout – we want to do a dynamic warm-up. This involves motion and stretching. You should work up a light sweat and be breathing heavier by the end of a dynamic warm-up. 

This video warm-up from Fight tips is great. They have tons of awesome content! 

We save the static stretching – where you hold a pose for a period of time – for after workouts. 

*Studies have shown that static stretching before an excercise routine can actually lead to increased risk of muscle injury.

Static Stretching is still important, but we just want to do it after a workout, when our muscles are more flexible and warmed up; when they will get the most benefit from that static pose streching. 

For a warm-up routine, check out the example here.

***The Workout of the Week Posts (“WOW”) have moved to the blog page. hit that follow button to get the weekly workout from GoodAttitudeFood.com


***As Always Consult a doctor before jumping into an exercise program. Be careful not to hurt yourself. Always warm up before a workout! Always stretch after a workout!

Workout of the week: 5/14/18

I found this Les Mills workout on YouTube. WOOOO! This one will get you burning! Anyone up for the challenge? 

This workout video will really kick some butt

I am doing this one every morning this week

Day 2, I am a little sore but feel energized! 

This workout will get you firing for the whole day

Workout of the week: 5/7/18 - do three to eight sets

Tabata sets: 

**Consult a doctor and do some research before you start doing any HIIT training!**

I do a lot of “tabata” style workouts. There are tons of youtube videos available. Tabata workouts

Tabata is a great format. Work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat 8 times for one full tabata set. I usually 3 to 8 sets, depending on the workout. I generally mix in full body type workouts.  

I use a resistance band and do arm, chest, and shoulder workouts in this format. 

I use it for ab workouts: planks, sit ups, push ups, and side planks; among others. 

You can use it for bike sprints on a stationary bike to kick start your engine. Just sprint, all out, for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat 8 times. FAIR WARNING – this will get your heart pumping and your lungs burning if you are not used to it. I worked my way into it. Work at your own pace. 

You can take this format and apply it to any workout. 

Tabata sets are a key tool in my workout tool kit.  

These sets are a great way to kick start a day. 5am tabata sets anyone? 

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