2019 BHAGs From GoodAttitudeFood.com

What the Heck is a BHAG?

BHAGs (pronounced BEE-HAG) are “Big Hairy Audacious Goals”.

Instead of setting a “new years resolution”, I like to set big goals for the year.

These big goals are like the outline for a paper or big project. The create the roadmap. I use this list of big goals to direct my daily actions toward the eventual achievement of the desired goal.


LPSAGs (pronounced “Lip-sag”) are “Little Puny Specifically Aligned Goals.

I use LPSAGs as my daily, weekly, and monthly goals. These are smaller goals that are directed towards the bigger goals.

For example: I have a BHAG goal of becoming an ACE (or other) certified trainer and health coach. A requirement the ACE personal trainer cert is that you need to have a CPR w/AED certification. A LPSAG directed towards that goal that I have already completed was getting my CPR certification. I completed this goal in December.

The act of setting a goal to become ACE certified was a little overwhelming. When broken down into smaller goals though, it’s not so bad. The related LPSAGs include: 1. CPR Cert., 2. Save up money to pay for ACE (or other) personal trainer certification., 3. Enroll in certification class, 4. Complete certification class and take test, 5. Obtain certification

Breaking down that BHAG into smaller LPSAGs makes it more achievable. In addition, when LPSAGs are achieved it makes the goal more real, it makes the goal setter more accountable, it provides positive reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment, and it can re-wire a negative mindset. Ultimately small goal setting builds character and fosters a more positive life.

I used this method of goal setting to become earn two college degrees, graduate with honors, and work my way from a temp warehouse guy to a business professional. I also used it to lose over 90lbs and take control of my personal health.

If I can do that, ANYONE can!

I lost over 90lbs and graduated with honors by setting LPSAGs that were directed towards my BHAGs.

Set Big goals. Write them down. Create smaller goals that line up to the big goals. Then forget the big goals for a while and focus on achieving those small goals. Check back with the big goals after a month, or two, or three. Adjust smaller goals if needed.

My BHAGs for 2019

  1. Personal Trainer Certification
  2. Health Coach certification
  3. Learn how to make a WAY better website/blog
  4. Achieve fat-loss and better muscle tone
  5. Focus more on Nutritional content for website
  6. Make WAY better videos
  7. Get a new laptop (or fix my half-broken one)
  8. Edit posts for errors!!!
  9. Look into ways to add e-commerce to the website – GoodAttitudeFood.com Gear?? 🙂
  10. Explore other possible trainer and coach certifications
  11. Crush my ANTS – automatic negative thoughts
  12. Strive for improvement in work and life – every day try to be better than yesterday
  13. Make better WOWs

Set Your Goals, Then Get Your Goals

It’s that easy folks. Set your goals, then get your goals.

Thanks for reading! Be happy and healthy, my friends! Be the hero in the story you write for your 2019.


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