5 Ways To Be Awesome in the office

“My Brand Is Awesome” is something I tell myself every morning when I go to work. I try really hard to be awesome every day at the office I work at. Here are my top five ways to be awesome.

  1. Treat everyone like a customer
  2. Write down goals to start every day and then work until they are done
  3. Take notes when you need to be accountable for things
  4. Make it a daily goal to have a positive attitude
  5. Be open to advice from other people

We are in a service economy. Providing service is what businesses do and what business people should do. I think to be a business person today, one has to be service oriented in all aspects of their job. Treating people like your customer just makes sense in this environment. When I say treat everyone like your customer, I mean everyone you come in contact with during “business hours”. Your boss. Your co-workers. The people who empty the trash cans in your office cubicle. I mean everyone you come in contact with. Your actual customers. Your vendors. The guy or gal who sits in the cube next to you. Everyone. When you do this, you build a brand for yourself. People will notice. You also build an attidude of gratefulness in your own mind. This attitude of greatfulness is a foundation of what the modern business person should be. It fosters coordination, communication, and teamwork; skills essential to working in business. If you treat everyone with the service you would give a customer, you will build an awesome reputation in your office.

Writing down daily goals is the best way to be efficient at work. Having a plan of action for each day will give you an edge and keep you focused. Sit down every morning and plan out your goals for the day. It takes a few minutes. It will increase your productivity with little effort if you stay focused on it. Make goals, write them in a list, cross them off when you finish them, repeat until everything on the list is done. If you have trouble setting your own goals, ask your boss to help you. You will be amazed at what you start to accomplish. Be ready to go to the next level!

Take notes at work when you have to remember to do important things. Many people think they can rely on their memory all the time and get everything at work done. Some people can, and if you are so lucky, good for you! For people like most of us, who might struggle to remember every detail, taking notes is essential. One of the keys to success in any office is being accountable and reliable. Taking notes will you develop those characteristics. Work to develop notes that are memory triggers. This will help you make sense of the notes without having to write out every word that is said.

Having the daily goal that you are going to have a positive attitude is totally empowering. Anyone can do this. It allows you to take control of your life. Many people get caught up in the so called “monotiny of daily life”. This thinking is a trap. Do not let yourself fall into it. This kind of thinking is all an attitude thing that you can avoid by just telling youself that your life is better than that. Make up your mind, no matter what happens, that you are going to have a positive attitude at work. You will see real benefits from this practice.

Listen to advice from anyone at work who will give it to you. This does not mean take action on everyone’s advise. Sometimes advice can tell you what not to do as much as what to do. Listen to it all, judge what is worth acting on and what is worth not acting on for yourself. Then learn from the experience and determine if the action you took resulted in a positive result or not. This is the only way to build experience. If you make a bad choice, know that it is not the end of the world. Learn from it and fail until you win from it. Build your knowledge from advise that other people are willing to give you along the way. It can be like learning what doesn’t work without going through the pain of all the failing.

If you are consisent, work hard, act ethically, and practice some of what I have listed above, you will undoubtedly be way more awesome in your office. Make your brand awesome too! What do you have to lose?

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