A Few Minutes Earlier …

A Few Minutes Earlier …

… a few miles before the foot of the Teralian Mountains.

Magical energy filled the night air all around her as Alainara cast a spell of Haste. She wove her fingers in the spell pattern and breathed out the magic phrase. “HUYUKA!! HASTE!!”

The magical energy of her level three haste spell lit up the air around Alainara and Jun. A second later the two were running at twice the normal speed of any non-magical human could run, giving them a little space from the pair of vicious Pumal War-Beasts that have been chasing them for hours.

Two minutes later, when Alainara’s spell wore off, Jun immediately cast his own spell of haste. Jun’s spell, at level four, provided another twenty-five percent speed boost (from base human speed) and lasted five minutes. Jun had also modified his spell to add a “super-jump” ability. Being a more advanced spell, it also cost more Mana to cast. Jun had an abundant Mana pool for most situations, and could regenerate Mana at a high rate, but after hours of running and casting, he was exhausted.

Alainara urged her companion to keep running as she cast another spell of haste. “HUYUKA!! HASTE!!” she screamed, glaring at Jun, wordlessly conveying “RUN” with her fierce green eyes As magical energy filled the air, the pair dug deep and found the strength to push on. Although inside, both of them knew they couldn’t keep this up much longer.

Two more Pumals spot the spell-aura from atop an ancient abandoned building and soon will join the chase.

Or something like that! Hahah. Check out the video!

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