A Formula – Tom Bilyeu Quote

A Formula – Tom Bilyeu Quote

Tom Bilyeu is someone I follow on a regular basis. Tom’s Show Impact Theory and his personal story are both inspiring. Tom is a leader in the Growth Mindset movement! He has proven that you can create successful businesses by adding value instead of chasing profits.

What I take from Tom (in this interview and generally in his messages) is mostly that people can develop any skill they want if they apply the effort to make improvements in those areas. The pursuit of this type of personal growth is worth it because it allows us to add value and to find life fulfillment.

Tom has an awesome interview on The Rich Roll Podcast.

Tom’s Formula for Fulfillment:

“Work your ass off to get VERY good at something that you care deeply about, that allows you to serve not only yourself but other people.”

Tom Bilyeu –
The Rich Roll Podcast

This is a long interview but totally worth the watch if you have the time. You can always break it up and watch parts of it when you have time. I truly believe this is a message worth sharing and is packed with other valuable lessons. Check it out!

Check Out The Whole Podcast Here!

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