A GOOD:Attitude.Food.Life Tip – Eat a banana a day!

Bananas might be my biggest weight loss and nutrition secret. I try to eat a banana every day. Since doing this, and adopting a healthy work out habit, I have lost over 75 lbs. I stress that working out is a key. However bananas are like a super-food!

(Please note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist. this not medical advise. I am just sharing easily researchable information. I provided my references below.)

Bananas are high in potasium. One regular sized banana has about 410-425 milligrams of potasium. Potasium has many benefits.

  • Helps maintain fluid levels in the body
  • Regulates nutrient movement in to cells and waste movement out of cells
  • Benefits kidney health
  • Helps regulate heart beat
  • Aids with muscle contraction
  • Reduce effects of sodium on blood pressure

Bananas also have a good mix of protein and dietary fiber. They can help with digestive problems.

I spent many years of my life with a slightly embarassing problem. It had happened to me since I was a young child. I can remember it happening in my first grade classroom. Not all the time, but quite frequently, my stomach would make loud “grumbling” noises. It often happened at inoportune times, like in a one-on-one meeting with my boss… I would squirm nervoisly in my seat, produce a fake cough to try to cover it, and then act like nothing happened, while praying the other person didn’t notice. It was terrible!

Eating bananas has vitrually cured this problem! Bananas have natural anti-inflamatory properties thay can soothe a rumbling stomach.

Bananas can act as a prebiotic. I can’t tell you exactly what that means, but the basic idea is they get your bowels to create good bacteria. This keeps food, and waste products from food, moving through the digestive system. The enzymes that are produced when we eat bananas assit the body in absorbing nutrients. Bananas can even help with ulcers in the stomach and can cure heartburn.

When I drank (alcohol), a banana was my favorite hangover cure. Did the trick every time! If I would wake up with a hangover, I would eat a banana. Within five to ten minutes, I always felt much better.

Some studies show bananas can even help cure depression. If that isn’t a good-attitude-food, I don’t know what one is!

And, here is a bonus! You can use the banana peel to shine up your shoes.

banana skins shoe shine





Image source: https://www.yourworldhealthcare.com/au/news/you-can-shine-your-shoes-with-a-banana-

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