Change of Plans = Two Free days!

A recent change of of plans gave me two free days to day what-ever-the-heck-I-freakin wanted. So of course, I went disc golfing!

This was an awesome trip! I didn’t go too far but it was still far enough to “get out” for a couple days. I had two days and I went to four disc golf courses. The weather was amazing. My disc golf game was on point. I saw some beautiful things along the way.

I started at C.P. Adams park on Sunday afternoon. Hastings was crazy-busy. I saw a jazz fest was going on. The town was a traffic jam when I got there. Some Angry Old White Guy (AOWG) yelled at me, as if I caused the whole thing, because he was stuck and couldn’t turn left. I just shrugged and nodded at him, which made him return the finger at me. I can’t do much but feel sorry for that sad, sad, AOWG.

**AOWGs, I am if sorry your life sucks. Stop hating other people because of it. 

Besides the AOWG, Hastings was a beautiful town. C.P Adams was a unique and fun park. The highlight of this one was the hill with rope to climb it. The pictures do not do the hill justice. It is a steep climb on loose dirt. Perfect day, great park to disc. If you are in Hastings, C.P. Adams is worth it. This is a pristine course, with lush greens, nice elevation changes, and decent signage.

Check out the video



Next, I went to Oakwood Park over in Cottage Grove. By the time I got there it was mid-afternoon; prime disc hours. The park was appropriately busy. Oakwood is a park with a well worn path. Follow the path, and you will find your way through the course. Even with a crowd this course played great. It opened up enough that I didn’t notice too many other people once I got in there. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. The course is a nice mix of wooded and open holes, with good elevation change throughout. It was fun and challenging. Plus, it is just a great course to hike through! 

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The next day was “the big destination” for this disc golf trip, Afton Alps. Afton Alps is normally a ski resort in the winter. They added disc golf there last year. I have been meaning to go since they opened. 

I got there at the perfect time, about two hours before a shotgun golf tournament was slated to start. Of course I didn’t call ahead to see if the place had anything scheduled. I should have. They got busy. Luckily they let me play. I even got to play for free! Not sure why, but I didn’t argue with the gal when she said “disc golf is free right now”. The disc golf and golf courses intersect a few times, but are separate enough that I only got hung up twice by golfers. I took pictures for them at their request, and chatted with them about the gorgeous views and weather. 

Afton is absolutely gorgeous. The disc golf course is a little tough to follow. And I lost my map somewhere around hole two. It took a longer to navigate, but I made it through without too much backtracking. Most of the course is open. It is well groomed, with some rough. I did loose a disc in a patch of rough. That particular patch of rough was on a steep hillside and covered in five-foot tall thistles. I scampered around in the thistles for about five minutes, carefull not to slip into a rivine, then called the disc a lost cause. 

With it’s vast expansive views, Afton is worth the trip. I gladly would have paid the $7 to play here. This course might be my new favorite! 

Check out the video 

Finally I went to North Valley Park in Inver Grove Heights. I really like this course too. This is another pay-to-play course. A day pass is $5. They also had a disc store on site. Other than throwing the wrong way on hole eight I had a great experience at this course. The tunnel is a first on a disc course for me. I took advantage of it and captured some cool photos! I have wanted to go to this course for a long time. I am glad I can cross this one off my list. I would go back and play this one again. 

Check out the video! 

After discing both Afton and North Valley, I needed a stop for some sustenance! 

Luckily, I was right by Taqueria El Rincon. 

I got four tacos, two beef and two pork. These tacos were larger than other taquerias I have visited. I could have got by with just one beef and one pork. The tacos were a-maz-ing! The house-made taco sauces were fresh and spicy. The lime squeezed on top adds a citrus-pop of freshness that finishes off the taste, just right! 

The shop is very small, but neatly decorated, and set up for speed. I think they could fit twelve customers in the shop. 

These were the best tacos I have had in a while! And the portions were bigger than expected. Taqueria El Rincon tacos were worth the miles of trecking on the disc golf courses I had done over the last two days! 🙂 

What a way to end a great trip! Thanks so much for checking out my stuff! Feel free to leave your comments, like, or follow please! 


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