Chill Out With A Good Pair of Headphones: Saturday Night Edition

Chill Out With A Good Pair of Headphones: Saturday Night Edition

Hey readers! I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday weekend. I have found myself with some much-coveted “free time” so, we get a Saturday Night Edition of “Chill Out With A Good Pair of Headphones”. 

This post will include a video link to some really great artists that I am really digging on right now. Please check out the videos and support these awesome artists and their content. 

My Sol Republic V10 headphones are not new by any means. I think I got them four or five years ago. These things are still one of my favorite finds. The sound quality is incredible. I have said this before, but it’s like the first time hearing a Beatles song all over again! 🙂 

The Playlist: Saturday Night Chill 

  1. Matt Anderson – I’m on Fire – Epic Bruce Springsteen cover! This dude can sing. I don’t know anything about him besides this video that I just found. Classic song. Very nice cover. I never really knew what some of those lyrics were before this. Please check this guy out. I was surprised at by his talent. 
  2. The Pork Tornadoes – Tennessee Whiskey – An amazing cover of an amazing Chris Stapleton song. This version gives Stapelton a run for his money! I just learned these guys are a cover band from Iowa. I lived in Iowa for a few years. I like these guys even more now. Nice cover! According to their website, they do weddings. If they can sing and play like this, that would be fun! Hire them! 🙂 
  3. Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin’ Stones – Ohio – Hannah Wicklund freakin’ ROCKS. This girl rips on the guitar! She has an amazing rock voice too. This video of her live cover of the class rock song Ohio shows those skills off. Her original tune Bomb Through The Breeze will blow you away! 
  4. Gang of Youths – The Heart is a Muscle – I just like this song and band! This version was recorded live at The Current, an amazing MN radio station. This band has some fun, heart thumping kind of jams that build energy through the songs (from the few I have heard). I don’t know much about the band right now, but they are coming up more in my Spotify playlists. 
  5. Thunder and Rain – Cut The Wire – I really like this band. The gal who sings, her voice just kind of sounds like “home” to me… whatever that means. I like the sound of a mandolin too for some reason. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it just sounds right. Honorable mention from this band is their cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic song Dreams. A decent version of Sweet Child of Mine too. Check them out!
  6. Leon Bridges – Beyond – Leon Bridges has such a great voice! I enjoyed his first album and I like the evolution I have seen from the artist since. After the first album, I knew this guy could sing. Now, the music has taken a new progression, with his newer work. Better Man is his best song in my opinion, but this is good stuff. 
  7. Lake Street Dive – I Want You Back – Lake Street Dive is just a cool sound! The trumpet pairs with the old-school bass and jazzy drum beats. The singer steals the show her incredible talent and delivers her unique signature to sound. WOOO! This band is good. One of my favorite songs with a totally cool spin. Great video. Sounds great in these headphones! The band’s original work is truly fun and unique. And according to Wikipedia, trumpet guy is from Minneapolis, and the band is named after Lake Street. Being from Minneapolis (area) now myself, that’s kind of cool. 
  8. Tom Waits – The Heart of Saturday Night – Aaand as a bonus track I gotta drop the Tom Waits classic performance of (Lookin For) The Heart Of Saturday Night. This is one of my favorite songs. 

Thank you so much for reading the Saturday Night Edition of Chill Out With a Good Pair of Headphones. I hope you all get the chance very soon to relax for a minute, BREATHE, and chill out with a good pair of headphones! Be happy and healthy my friends! 

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