Dynamic Warm-Ups: part of a morning routine

Dynamic Warm-Ups: part of a morning routine

Consider adding dynamic warm-up stretching to your morning routine.

If you don’t have a morning routine, GET-ONE. Seriously, my morning routine is like my “Samson-Hair“. It includes coffee, warm-up, workout, stretch, more coffee, then real world stuff! 🙂

Healthybutsmart.com has a great article that dives DEEEEP into all different types of stretches. They actually did real academic-type research! I just fired up “my google machine” and asked what the difference between the two types are. Thanks for the info Healthybutsmart.com! Please check their site out! They have great articles, tips, and information.

As far as stretching goes, there are some different opinions about what is right. It seems like more research is needed to draw medical conclusions about injury prevention.

The Formula That Works For Me

Dynamic warm-up + Workout + Static Stretch = minimal soreness + ability to workout every day

I start with a dynamic warm-up, then I do a regular workout, then I do static stretching or “yoga-type” stretching. The result is that I workout every day and have minimal soreness.

Find what works for you!

(For me) A dynamic warm-up is a great way to start the day. I do this dynamic warm-up routine from FightTips, every day. Shane and FightTips have tons of great, FREE, content. Some of their workout videos are really good! Check them out, get your sweat-on, maybe even stick up for some underdogs! **Note – GoodAttitudeFood.com does not condone fighting, but we do think people should know how to protect themselves if they need to. In addition to good workout stuff, Shane and the FightTips team will teach you how to do just that with the great content on their channel. Please check them out!

This dynamic warm-up routine is the first thing… no wait, the first thing I do every day is brew a pot of coffee!

It’s the second thing… no, the second thing I do every day is chug a glass of water!

This warm-up routine is the third thing I do. Every-single-day.

I usually do about a 20-minute interval workout after that. This has become part of my daily routine. It gets me in the right mindset to have a good day. It also makes me feel good, helps me deal with stress, and helps me keep my sanity! 🙂

Heroes have morning routines. Batman told me! 🙂 Until next time, Be happy and healthy and be the hero in your story!

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