My Top 5 Reasons To Try Disc Golf: A favorite!

My Top 5 Reasons To Try Disc Golf: A favorite!

Want a Great game to play for all ages? 

Why not try one of my favorites? 

This post is all about my “Zen Game”: Disc Golf. 

It’s not my Zen Game because I am great at it. It’s more about being outside and being active. 

Plus, I get to see some awesome nature while discing. Check out my Video of Baylor Park DGC. 

**Bonus – HIIT Disc Golf explained 


Disc Golf is Awesome

Here at we play a lot of Disc Golf. 

It is a fun and easy sport. 

We created a Modified HIIT Cardio version of Disc too. I will describe later in the post! It's a great workout!

If you are not familiar with Disc Golf, here is the wikipedia explanation of Disc Golf

To get good, it takes some skill. To start though, it requires zero skill. anyone can throw a disc. 

My Top 5 Reasons to try disc golf

1. Disc Golf  costs little to start playing.  Most courses are free. Some charge $5 – $7 to play.

**You do need special discs 

I would recommend a putter and a Driver to Start for sure. Most Discs cost between $10 and $20.

**You could get by with just a Driver. 


2. Disc is easy to play. Any one can throw a frisbee. I see young kids, about 5 years old, and I see people in their 70s and even older playing. It will take some skill to get good and learn how to throw like the pros, but anyone can enjoy the game. It is a casual sport.

3. Disc Golf Is a great exercise for anyone who enjoys walking. That’s really most of what the game is spent doing. My friends have called it “hiking with an activity included”. You can be competetive, but most of the “culture” around disc golf is very casual. 

4. Disc Golf gets you back to nature. The best part is being outside. I love sunny afternoons on a nice open course. Disc Golf Courses are in many towns, all over the place. I have even taken a roadtrip and thrown at some random town courses! 

The nature part is really why I love Disc  Golf. Fresh air and sunshine does wonders! 

5. Disc Golf can be a great group activity or you can toss a quick round by yourself. Either way is fun! 

Those are’s top five reasons to try disc golf – Thanks for reading! 

**HIIT Disc Golf:

Here is My bonus – HIIT disc golf:

You follow all the same rules as regular disc golf. The only difference is that instead of just walking, When you Tee off, you sprint to where the first throw lies. As fast as you can! All out Sprint!

then take a 10 sec brake, and make you next through. After you throw, Sprint to where your shot lies, take a 5-10 second rest between sprint and throw. Repeat this until you get the disc in the basket. Then Jog to the next TEE and take a 10 second brake. Do this for 9 or 18 holes.

It works great for HIIT cardio. I do it two or three times a week if possible. Doing this helped me drop a lot of fat over the two summers since I started.

**Note – You cannot do this on a busy course. I do it earlier in the morning, before the courses get busy.  

**Note – try this at your own risk. If you have not done HIIT running before, maybe ease your way into it. Work at your own pace.

**Talk to a doctor before trying this if you are in poor health or have a heart condition or something else like that!

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