Good Coffee, From a Farmers Market!

Good Coffee, From a Farmers Market!

The office where I work has a small Farmers Market every Tuesday. There has not been too much there that peaked my interest, until yesterday!

Yesterday was an average Tuesday. My afternoon was slow and the day dragged on a little. When 4:00 hit, I was out! I hit the door and started to make a V-line for my car.

I got distracted by the Farmers Market, in the lot. There were a couple booths set up. As I approached, one booth in particular caught my nose and my eyes! There was a pickup backed up to a booth, tailgate down, a man resting on the tailgate, with a big coffee grinder machine on the gate next to him! He had a small table and several bags of coffee displayed on it. The smell of coffee was in the air… and it smelled Glorious!

Here at, we LOVE our Coffee! I had to check out his selection. He had coffee from all over and he had just recently roasted it.

If you have never had fresh, I mean really FRESH, roasted coffee, you are missing out. It is a different flavor profile when the coffee has been roasted that recently. And it’s a GOOD flavor profile.

I chatted with the man for a few minutes and asked him what would be a good one for cold brew. He recommended his Guatemola Antigua.

I made of pot this morning in my dripper. It was very good. So good, that I immediately emailed him, over at Paul’s Coffee. Paul told me you can find him at the Hopkins Farmers Market.

I also started a batch of Cold Brew this afternoon with it.

It will be a long 12 hours waiting for that cold brew… but I think it will be worth the wait!

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