The Help a Friend Move and 30X30 FIIT Workout

The Help a Friend Move and 30X30 FIIT Workout

Good Morning my Friends! I hope everyone had an awesome filled week last week. Let’s go get some awesome again this week. To kick things off in the positive, this is The WOW, The Workout of the Week from, for the week of 4/8/19. This is “The Help a Friend Move and 30X30 FIIT Workout”!

The post this week will have a great music mix from Arctic Empire.

The Workout will include:

  • Three – five-minute boxing FIIT rounds
  • A killer cardio FIIT bike routine
  • And an awesome Yoga video to work along with from Man Flow Yoga.

I did not have much time this week to research any topics. I had a commitment on Saturday which is most of my research time. Sooo instead I want to talk about helping people move!

Stay with me for a minute. I know what you might be thinking… hear me out.

Can You Help Me Move?

This might be one of the most dreaded questions to hear from a friend.

However, I think when a friend calls, friends should help.

I had a friend ask me to help him and his family move this past Saturday.

My Answer is “Yes”.

This dude is a great friend. He has a great family. They just bought their first home. I would be honored to be involved in helping. Of course, I said “yes I would help!”. “See you Saturday Bro!”.

Then the “Dread”

If I am being totally honest, I was dreading Saturday, not a lot … but just a little.

I bet we have all had at least one bad experience helping someone move.

Any time someone asks for help moving, my old friend “the lizard brain” pops his wormy little head out (into my subconscious self-talk). I imagine my lizard brain as a character similar to the Geico Gecko thing. It’s easier to ignore that way.

When I get asked to help someone move I relate a totally non-related event, with one bad past experience.

That is “the lizard brain”

And he only has thoughts about A.N.T.s – Automatic Negative Thoughts.

“Help me move” triggers these thoughts for me.

The Worst

I once helped a friend move who had nothing at all packed, and their packing method was on-the-spot, just throw stuff into black Hefty bags and then toss those into the back of a U-Haul. It was also probably 115 degrees that day. Probably my worst “help a friend move” story. Not to rehash that event… it just was bad.

That is where my lizard brain automatically goes when I hear the question “can you help me move…?”

Be Mindful…

Ok, Take a few breathes, then smash those Automatic Negative Thoughts.

The Events of the Past Have Zero Bearing on This Event

I decided I wasn’t going to let past experiences turn this one into a bad experience before it started. As the week went on and my self-talk would lead back to thinking about this move, I made a continuous effort to smash any of the negative thoughts as they came up about it.

Honestly, they came up. I did my best to not let them take root.

Kill those A.N.T.s – Automatic Negative Thoughts

Kill Your ANTs

Instead, I just kept thinking about how good it will be for my friend and his family as they move into their new home. How honored I am to be a part of that with them.

If you think about it that way, helping someone move is like helping them into the next phase of life. It’s actually kind of a cool thing to be able to help someone, from that perspective.

The Move

Fast forward to Saturday, and the move went awesome. We had a good group of strong guy, didn’t have any issues with the moving truck, and only had to move bigger stuff. The small stuff was already moved.

Everything went smoothly!

Plus, it was absolutely rewarding to see my boy and his fam moving into their beautiful new house! The looks on his children’s faces as they started to settle into their new home was all the reward I needed!

Moving is a Great Workout!

And – BONUS – Helping people move is an awesome workout! Just in steps, I hit 12,195 steps; according to my phone app that is about 6.17 miles and a burn of 446 calories. This count doesn’t include anything with lifting and carrying heavy stuff for about three hours. My real calorie count was much higher.

Moving = Twice The Steps as Disc Golf

To give a better Idea of that amount of steps, today (Sunday) I went to Plymouth Creek Disc Golf (PCDG), a 15-hole disc golf course. After 15 holes of Disc, I am still under 6,000 steps. Moving was over twice the steps as a 15 hole, albeit short, disc course. I was surprised to learn this!

sorry taking a little Disc Golf veer off topic … 🙂

Plymouth Creek DGC – on a somewhat Soggy Sunday

How Did You Play? How Was The Course?

I shot a consistent bogey game with 2 birdies and 2 pars (if you score the course as all par 3) – 54 total shots in 15 holes. 9 over, if you score it a par 3. Not my best performance, but considering the rain and mud, I was more out for a slosh than a competitive day. Still pretty decent for round four of the season.

Aaand Sloshing I did! It was fun! #waterproof boots.

How was the course? It rained. Glad I had my boots. Ever walked in the woods in the rain? It was kind of fun. Luckily the rain didn’t last too long.

Steps Not Even Close For Disc Golf Compared to Moving

Plymouth Creek Disc Golf Course (PCDG) is a bit of a shorter distance course than many others. Densely wooded in many spots, PCDG is more of skill shot course than a bomber course. Still, I figured I would have gotten way more steps discing than helping someone move. Not the case.

Moral of the story, helping a friend move is a great workout!

The Good Vibes, Free Bonus, Attraction, Karma… or whatever you want to call it 🙂

I think that when we do things like help other people, it is a way of helping ourselves as people too. Not that we do those things for a self-serving purpose, it’s just like a free bonus. Good Vibes, Karma, Law of Attraction … whatever you want to call it. I have experienced when I do good, good comes back.

Plus, it feels good to help people! It helps the attitude.

On to the Music!

The Music – Arctic Empire “Coming Home”

The music this week is a great mix from a Chill Master – Quite possibly the “chilliest” of the Chill-Steppers – **DRUM ROLLLLL** Arctic Empire. The Arctic Empire Channel page is packed with hours of awesome music! Check them out and show them some love! Perfect mixes to #chilloutwithagoodsetofheadphones!!

The Workout

Always do a warm-up! I do the dynamic warmup from, every day!

Round 1

Boxing Freestyle Intervals with some mixed in Kung Fu stuff!

Interval timers and weighted gloves. I use my android app interval timer and my Meister weighted gloves.

Set the interval timers for 5 intervals of 30 X 30. We will repeat this three times. Fifteen minutes of total work. Take a break between rounds for no longer than one minute.

FIIT Principles = Work at 85% max intensity for 30 seconds, then work at 65% max intensity for 30 seconds.

I mix in some kicks,1-2 non-stop combos, sumo walks, maybe some 1-2-3-4s, maybe some bike hurdles over the spin bike – like a full body tuck jump over the bike and back for 30 seconds.

Mix in some Tai Chi moves with dynamic resistance during the 65% intervals if you want. *Remember your form if doing Tai Chi stuff, especially weight transfer moves and your knees!

Have some fun, work hard, and these intervals with have you buzzing for hours!

I do these in the mourning before I eat. Fasted state cardio. And I don’t usually eat until about 11:30 for my first meal. I do drink a butter coffee drink that I make.

Round 2

Bike and Yoga after work.

FIIT Bike Intervals. 15 minutes. Interval timers set to Work: 30, Rest: 30, for 15 sets of intervals. Sub in other cardio if no bike – jog in place or fake jump rope for example.

Flow Intensity Interval Training – 85% max FTP for 30 seconds, 65% max FTP for 30 seconds. Find that flow!

FTP = Cycling term. Means “Functional Threshold of Power”. It is basically your own perceived level of output or physical exertion. I learned it from the masters of online cycling content; GCN. These guys changed my life — over 240lbs at one time, started doing GCN videos, and other stuff. Today, I weigh 158lbs. I know everything I know about cycling from GCN stuff, period. The information they share is a key tool in my fitness tool belt… And they provide it for FREE.

Show them some love! Check out their channel if you have any interest in cycling or fitness. 🙂

Round 3

Yoga. My how my body has missed you. I have been doing more Tai Chi stuff than Yoga stuff recently. I can feel it and am tense. Tai Chi is great, but it’s not as much about stretching. If you need a good stretch, Yoga is the ticket!

Plus after doing a lot of heavy lifting I neeeeed to stretch out my hips and my lower back. I found a video just for that from Man Flow Yoga. Dean is an awesome Yoga dude. He has Yoga routines that are designed for dudes! He has a lot of free workouts and further programs you can get into. My brothers, or anyone who wants to do a good routine for hips and lower back relief – check out this video and the rest of the content from Man Flow Yoga! Great stuff!

Have an Awesome Week!

Thank you so much for reading. A “YUGE Thank You!” to all the awesome content providers. This has been The WOW – The Workout of the Week from This is “The Help a Friend Move and 30×30 FIIT Workout”.

Be happy and healthy my friends! When a friend asks if you can help them move, they are looking for a hero. Be the hero in your story by being the hero in someone else’s story and help them move when they ask.

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