How to Instantly Improve Your Life – A Good:Attitude Tip

How to Instantly Improve Your Life – A Good:Attitude Tip

This is how to instantly improve your life!


That’s right I said kill ANTs. I don’t mean that I want people to go sit out on the sidewalk with a magnifying glass kill poor little bugs. ANTs have a different meaning in this context.

I got this idea from watching a Jim Kwik video. Jim Kwik is an A-MAZ-ING story! He is kind of one of my new heros! He had some serious trouble learning as a kid. He took that weakness and worked through it to become one of the leading experts on learning and brain stuff. Dude is crazy smart now, but struggled most of his life. His story alone is inspiring. Now he spends his time putting out content that helps people improve their learning.

So back to “killing ANTs”. ANTs is an acronymn.




Most of us have been programmed to have constant negative thoughts. That’s part of a defense mechanism in the brain. The brain wants us to be cautious of things. I call it “the lizard brain part of my brain”. It’s part of the fight or flight mechanism. Thinking that way was useful for humans long ago, but it’s not especially useful in the civilized world, where our entire environment is not going to kill us. We need to recognize negative thoughts for what they are, and squash them before they control our actions.

My entire life was spent with ANTs swarming around in my head, and it kept getting worse, until I learned how to take control of my self-talk.

I have talked about self-talk before on the website and blog. Self-talk will control your life. Some people have said as much as 90% of what a normal person tells themself is negative.

It does not have to be that way though! Develop an attitude of gratitude. Control the negativity. Kill the ANTs right away. Replace them with positive thoughts. This is where the attitude of gratitude helps. Killing ANTs and being grateful will go hand in hand and build from each other.

This is not easy though. I spend 28 years in negative thought patterns. I still have to kill ANTs. It is almost a constant battle. I have six years behind me on the positive side and I can say that, while the battle remains constant, it gets easier every day.

Jim Rohn said something like … The mind is like a garden, if you don’t tend to your garden or it will be overgrown with weeds … Same idea.

Tend your garden, kill ANTs … either way, control your self-talk, or it will control you. This will help you instantly improve your life!

Thanks for reading! Be happy and healthy my friends. KILL YOUR ANTs! Remember, you can be the hero of your own story!


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