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Hello, my friends! I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July. I got to go to the Mountains and see two of my favorite friends get married. It was awesome. We even got in a couple of rounds of Disc Golf! Discing in the Mountains was awesome #BeaverRanchDGC. The local course was really nice too #VillageGreensNorthParkDGC. Epic road trip.

Due to a lack of time, there will be no Workout of the Week post this week. Instead just a list of goals that I am going after for the week! #LPSAGs

Set the goals, then go get the goals!

Workout Goals

  • 7K steps 4 days this week
  • Run one Rogan – shooting for Tuesday (if the weather doesn’t allow, I will run this on the first day with nice weather and adjust goals accordingly)
  • Dumbbell workout on Monday and Thursday
  • Core workout on Tuesday and Friday
  • Freestyle Shadowboxing with weighted gloves – 3 rounds – on Wednesday and Saturday
  • Disc Golf a couple of days – work on putting changes!

Study Goals

Study intervals

  • Mon – 4 x 20×5
  • Tu – 2 x 20×5 – if running Rogan – 4 x 20×5 if not.
  • Wed – 4 x 20×5
  • Thurs – 6 x 20×5!!!
  • Fri – 3 x 20×5
  • Most of the day Saturday and Sunday

Lesson Plan Goals and Review

  • Finish Lessons 20, 21, and 23, (lesson 22 is done)
  • Start reviewing for the test
  • Take the first practice test on Sunday

Make it a great week!

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