Life Quote – From a Yoga Book

I am listening to another book about one of my new “obsessions” – Yoga – today as I am working through my Monday. The book shared a pretty great quote that is true life, and in yoga. The book is an Audible Original: Perfectly Imperfect – The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice, by Baron Baptiste.

The quote is pretty inspiring so I want to share it. Here are the words: 

Our greatest glory is not in never falling; but in rising every time we fall”. 

Confucius saying – from Perfectly Imperfect – Audible Audio Book by Baron Baptiste

This quote is powerful to me because it holds great meaning in my life. I used to be afraid to try new things, to take chances, and to just live. I was afraid to fail. I lived my life (if you can call it living) never taking any chances. I would say ‘I can’t fail if I don’t try’, and I would do nothing. 
That is no way to live!

This old saying from Confucius – some dude who live like 1500 years ago and knew a bunch of smart stuff. The basic idea is that we need to try new things and not be afraid to fail. Whenever we want learn something new, we will probably fail. That failure is not the end. It is simply the benchmark to correct our course. 

As people read this, I hope you fail. Fail miserably. Fail to the extreme. Fail so bad you think “what am I going to do now”. 

Then rise. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Realize failure was not the end. Failure is simply eliminating the wrong paths as you travel, so you find the right path. You grow stronger as a person and get closer to your path every time you fall off. 

I love the story of Thomas Edison creating the lightbulb. He tried a thousand of times before he was successful. If Edison would have quit everytime he failed, our entire world today would be a much different (and darker) place. When asked about his many failures, Edison reportedly said he did not fail 1,000 times; rather the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps to create it. 

Thanks for reading! Be happy and healthy (failures) my friends! 

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