LPSAGs – #The WOW – Goal Setting

LPSAGs – #The WOW – Goal Setting

The Workout of the Week this week talked all about my goal setting method.

“Use LPSAGs to get those BHAGs”

  • L- little
  • P- Puny
  • S- Specifically
  • A- Aligned
  • G- Goals

These are like daily, weekly, monthly goals. They are action items that direct a person towards a bigger goal, a BHAG. Which is a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”.

LPSAGs have double benefits!

You get lined up for achieving the big goal without having to focus on that big overwhelming goal.

AAAaaand, You get the benefits of positive reinforcement by achieving small goals.

This builds confidence, creates momentum, and has other positive benefits!

Check out the #KungFuMovesInTheBasementWorkout for more on this topic.

Goal Setting is the most important thing I have ever learned!

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