LuLu, and a Good Pair of Headphones

LuLu is my Epiphone Les Paul. I have neglected this beautiful friend for too long. Me and LuLu are jamming out tonight!

This guitar was my first “big boy” guitar. I had it set up professionally at the Guitar Center, where I got it. The pro set up was the best choice I ever made! Even for my limited ability, this Epiphone Les Paul Studio plays like butter after the pro setup from Guitar Center.

The mini-studio is set up. Check my gear!

Sol Republic headphones: These make a great pair of studio headphones. I had to buy a 3.5mm extension cable and a 6.3mm mono cable adapter. Its a cheap way to convert my heaphones into a set of studio phones.

Delta Lab DGFX1 multi pedal: This thing is awesome! It has 54 effects. Yep, that little box is like having 54 different effect pedals. It also has a drum machine with 29 beats, 8 amp models and cab models, an expression pedal, and a bunch of other fun stuff that I only kind of know how to use! The real point is that this tool can help turn even my (very amature) guitar playing into hours of fun, and it doesnt sound too terrible sometimes either!

Fender Frontman 15G: This is just a great little amp. I picked this one up nine years ago and it still works perfectly. The amp is basic, but combined with the Delta mutli-pedal, it can throw out the tunes.

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