My Labor Day VisionQuest – A Disc Golf Adventure

My Labor Day VisionQuest – A Disc Golf Adventure

I hope Everyone out there enjoyed thier Labor Day Holiday! I sure did! I went on a “VisionQuest” – VisionQuest Disc Golf Course. Check out my video to see what this course looks like!

I have to say, I have been wanting to go to VisionQuest for a long time. I am glad I got to cross this course off my list. The name alone was worth the trip. What a bad@$ name for a Disc Golf course.

This course is full of really unique things. There is a hole with a really cool hanging basket, same hole has a totum pole too. There is a tee off on a platform over a lake. There is a random rope wall in the middle of the course.

**Which I am totally proud of myself because I was actually able to scale the front of the wall, the steep side with steps in the picture, and I was also able to climb the rope alone. That is honestly the first time in my life where I have ever been able to climb a rope like that. I was too weak/fat to do it before! My this revelation was part of my personal “vision quest”!

Overall this is a really cool DGC with lots of things that make it worth the trip. My two cons for this course are that it costs $10 and that it is more geared toward cart drivers than walkers. To me the name VisionQuest is totally “EPIC” but the with all the carts the course is SUPER-WELL-maintained. Which is cool. It was way less “vision-quest-like” for me, with people driving around everywhere on carts, super clean well maintained cart paths, and very open course layout, than what I expected. I expected this course to be a little “rough” and it was the opposite. I am not complaining because some courses are REAL rough. It was just not what I expected.

A really cool edition that I heard about from one of the workers here is that they are planning to bring in a bunch of lights and have the whole course lit up for night playing very soon. The guy said they will be the first US course to be fully lit. This will allow players to enjoy the awesome Fall weather even with the sun going down earlier and earlier as we approach the “W-word” – Winter – bbbrrrr I get chills just thinking about it. Enough about that impending “doom” for now, Haha!

VisionQuest was great but my adventure didn’t stop there!

I stopped off for some tacos at Casa Rio, in Anoka. The Steak Street Tacos were unique, authentic, and absolutely Deeee-lic-ious!

And then I stopped by one more course for a quick 9-hole. I planned it perfectly so I missed the rain too! I went to Eagle’s Edge, in Brooklyn Park. This is another one with a really cool name. Eagle’s Edge is a gorgeous little 9-hole with a surprising amount to offer for such a quick play. If you have half an hour and are in the BP area, this course is worth a stop, again and again.

There you have it folks, my Labor Day, VisionQuest, Disc Golf Adventure. Be happy and healthy my friends! Remember you can be the hero of your own story!

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