“Quick” Guacamole Recipe

“Quick” Guacamole Recipe

Quick Guacamole from GoodAttitudeFood.com

I love fresh Guacamole. It is a go-to party snack for me to bring to any football party, or similar event. Whenever making fresh Gauc I used to spend hours chopping the veggies. Now days, to save time I buy everything I can already precut. It is a great time saver!

Here is the full recipe:

6 avocados

1 pint of chopped jalapeno peppers

1 pint of chopped red onion

1 pint of pico de gallo

The juice of two limes

The juice of one lemon

4 serrano peppers


Salt and Pepper to taste


This Guacamole recipe is super fresh, super delicious, and you won’t spend all afternoon chopping. It serves about 12 people. I bring my two bags of chips and big bowl of Guac to the party and people always love it.

**A tip that might make this easier, and quicker. If you have a potato masher or a tool like that, it works much easier that the flat blade spatula I used. I couldn’t find mine when making this video. 

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