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My tip today is all about getting outside and enjoying life. There is a great big, beatiful, Awesome word outside people! I bought these shoes just to “eff them up”! These are my adventure shoes! If they get messed up, who cares! That’s why I bought them. 

Not that long ago I was close to an agoraphobic. I was going to school part time and working 45 hours a week at my day job. I rarely got out. It sucked. When I did get out, I couldnt stop stressing about all the work I was not doing, or homework I had to hand in.

These days I have finished school, so there is time to get outside. That’s why I needed a good pair of trail shoes.

These New Balance trail running shoes are great! I can walk, or run for hours in almost all terrain. My only complaint is they are not waterproof.

This past Saturday I went to a disc golf course, Empire DGC … video coming later, stay tuned! … and half the course was flooded. I couldnt tell this because of the longer grass. By the time I realized, I was three holes in and my feet were already soaked; I carried on! I played most of that afternoon with swampy feet. Still an awesome time!

That’s my quick tip: Buy a pair of shoes, just to where them to places where you will eff them up!

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