Steak and Eggs Salad – Cinco de Mayo style!

Steak and Eggs Salad – Cinco de Mayo style!

Happy Cinco de Mayo my friends.

Today I made a slightly Cinco de Mayo inspired salad bowl. Steak, eggs, avocado, bell peppers, spring baby greens lettuce mix, then used some lime juice and green salsa for the “dressing”.

I used to left over taco seasoning to give my NY strip some “cinco-flavor”. It was perfect. I used my grill pan to cook the peppers and steak. I was trying for medium rare and think I nailed! First time with this pan with this stove. Burner on 8, About 3 minutes on each side. Then about 20 seconds on each side again.

This was so good! It was simple. The ingredients are simple and healthy. Probably took about 10 minutes to make.

Pro tip 1 – Let the steak sit on the counter and get to room temp. About half an hour should be sufficient.

Pro tip 2 – Use a little oil to apply the rub when doing a thick rub like this. Water works too if you don’t have oil or want to use it. This will help the seasoning stick on the meat.

Pro tip 3 – Finish that steak with some butter! I used 4th and Heart Ghee. When the steak is basically done, I spread a small pad of the ghee on the top side, flip it, quickly spread a pad of ghee on the new top side. Each side should get about 20 seconds with the butter. You can do this what any type of ghee, butter, or herb butter type product to get pro results on any steak.

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