Sunrise… 2.0 – Alainara’s Story Continues!

Sunrise… 2.0 – Alainara’s Story Continues!

The Digitally Edited version\
Sunrise on the Edge of an Unknown Teralian City, v-2.0

Having some fun this morning changing my sketch into a digital version.

… Sunrise on the Edge of an Unknown Teralian City…

Alainara and her companion Jun have only heard of cities.

The people in her homelands of the Teralian plains avoid buildings! The duo does not know what to think of the sight before them.

They have never seen a collection of buildings that span the landscape, that reach for miles…

On the plains, the only buildings that exist stand in ruins. Vile and forbidden places, abandoned for hundreds of years. They are overrun with herds of Pumal War-Beasts.

As the sun rises, awestruck by the sight, Alainara and Jun prepare to step foot into this strange land.

What are these massive structures that seem to scrape the sky and kiss heavens? How did they get here? Who … or what, put them here? Why? More importantly, is whoever … or whatever, built these massive strange structures still here? Is it a threat?

… the story continues! 🙂

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