Thankful for – Audiobooks!

Happy Thanksgiving! Among all of the blessings in my life that I am thankful for (too many to even start to list here!!), audiobooks enrich my life greatly. I am SOOO thankful for them! I don’t watch TV much, don’t have cable, and don’t usually watch many movies.

I have an Audible membership and have listened to audiobooks almost non-stop since I finished college (Aug of 17). *Not a paid promotion, I just truly enjoy my Audible membership. 

Frugal Tip for Using Audible! 

To make books more affordable on my budget, I purchase three book credits at a time. It makes each book around $12.00. No matter the actual sticker price you see, a credit will purchase a book. **Note, this is not an efficient method if the book is under $12 already. It is efficient for more expensive books; a $30 book can be purchased with a credit, making it only cost about $12 if you purchase three credits at a time. (3 credits costs approx. $36)

The Land – Seven Book Series!

In June I found an Audible book series that really intrigued me. It’s called The Land, and it is described as a LitRPG book series. The series was written by Aleron Kong. The performance on Audible is done by Nick Podehl. 

Ok wait – What the heck is LitRPG?? 

LitRPG is a genre of literature that is based on Role Playing Video Games. It is a book series written from the perspective of a video game player in an RPG. 

The Land is a non-stop adventure! This series had me hooked from the start. I never really understood RPGs before listening to these books.

I have listened to some philosophy books, in between installments of The Land. A realization that I have come to is there are amazing correlations between the myths of human-past and the stories in RPG video games. Many RPGs follow the hero’s journey. Many contain hidden values that have shaped society, just like the stories of our real world. These same correlations run through the brilliantly written and amazingly performed words of The Land. Kong includes many life-lessons (whether intended or not), throughout this tale.

Nick Podehl’s performance brings every single character to life in a way that just reading the book would never accomplish. Each character has a unique voice, personality, and presence. I am not kidding, every character is brought to life through this epic audiobook performance

Finishing the Adventure!

I am actually not finished with the final book, but I aim to finish it over the holiday weekend. Book seven is significantly longer than any of the other books in the series. I came across this quote in the book this morning; a piece of unexpected wisdom to start the day.

Unexpected wisdom. 

The Land: Predators
Chaos Seeds: Book VII
A LitRPG Saga
And a massively EPIC journey!!

I hope today, and in the future, I can be like Richter. Living in fear is no way to live. I strive to have hope and to live in it.

Take actions that bring your hope to life. Don’t give in to fear, no matter how easy it could be! Live in HOPE! 🙂 

Thank you SOOO much for checking out my stuff. I am truly thankful for all the blessings in life, for the opportunity to have a blog, and for the awesome people who lend me their time once in a while to read a few lines I have written. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Have a safe holiday, be happy and healthy, and become like Richter from The Land, become the hero in your story

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  1. So after finishing the very lengthy book 7 of The Land: Chaos Seed, I realize I made a mistake in thinking this was the last book in the series. Admittedly, I did not look into that before I wrote the post There is at least one more book in the works from what I am reading about the series now. Book 7 definately left me hanging so I am patiently awaiting the next installment from Kong. I am sure it will be as action packed and exciting as the rest of the books and I cannot wait to see what happens to Richter and the Mist Village next!

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