The Disc Golf Season Workout

The Disc Golf Season Workout

Hello my friends! I hope everyone had an awesome week. To get us started on another great week, this is The WOW, The Workout of the Week, for the week of 3/25/19. This is The Disc Golf Season Workout, from

This week I am going to share with you my favorite past time. My “Zen Sport”. A key tool in my stress of the everyday world toolkit. A way to get exercise, connect with nature, see some beauty in the world, and a way to have some fun while doing it!

“Hiking with an activity”.

Like golf, but easier, and more friendly on the pocketbook.

A game that helped me change my life from a sedentary lifestyle into an active lifestyle.

This week, I am going to share with you the game of DISC GOLF. I have a whole page on my site dedicated to disc golf, and last summer I went around to several courses and created videos. Fun Stuff! Check out my page for more!

I will also have a great music mix, some more Tia Chi to work on, some FIIT boxing intervals, an awesome spin bike work out from a great YouTube channel, and a power yoga workout that will round everything off!

Before we get into the workout stuff, some more about Disc Golf…

History of Disc Golf

The History of the game goes back quite a long time. I found an article that attributes the first game of golf played with a disc to a group of kids up in Canada, back in 1926. According to the DDGA website, on The History of Disc Golf page, in 1926 Ronald Gibson and his elementary school friends from Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada played a game throwing tin plates at trees and fence posts while scoring the game like golf. ~ The Deaf Disc Golf Association is a pretty cool group, check them out for more about them and to show them some support! They work to hold tournaments and spread the game for deaf people. Very COOOOL!

Most of the early history of disc golf is sketchy and scattered. There are numerous accounts of individual events where people threw discs at targets and scored the game like golf. I even met a gentleman out of Saint Cloud Minnesota who told me HE invented the game! Being that there was no way this guy was born before 1926, I doubt he “invented it”. The guy did do a ton to grow the game in St Cloud. AAaaand St Cloud has some of the nicest disc golf courses around. The players take disc golf seriously in that town! #Riverside, #Calvary Hill

“Steady Ed” Invents the Frisbee

The game’s history remains sketchy until “Steady” Ed Headrick invented the Frisbee in 1966 while working at Wham-O. Headrick later inventing the Disc Golf Pole Hole in 1975. These inventions led to Steady Ed being known as the Father of Disc Golf, in many circles.

In the early 1970s disc golf grew in popularity in random places like Rochester, New York, Pasadena, California, and other places across the country. The early disc golfers did much to grow the sport and before too long disc golf was being played all over the place. These early adopters of the game started hosting tournaments and created league play. This lead to permanent disc golf courses being created.

Today, disc golf courses can be found all over the country. I have been to at least 30 different courses in Minnesota alone, and that doesn’t come close to hitting every course. In addition, I have played in Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

The game has expanded to Europe and other countries as well. The sport seems to be growing in popularity, although also still on the fringe of pop culture.

If you want to know more about disc golf check out some of these links:

“Steady” Ed’s Main Rule

“The one who has the most fun wins”

“Steady” Ed Headrick ~ The Father of Disc Golf (according to PDGA)

Recreational Disc Golf Rules

Disc Golf follows the same basic rules of golf. Players tee off from the tee box. Where the disc falls is the lie. Players toss the disc from the lie. The aim is to get the disc in the basket in the fewest possible throws. Each throw counts like a stroke in golf. The lower the throws the better. Most holes have a par count, like golf. Your score is counted by throws (strokes) over/under par at the commencement of the round.

Here are the official recreational rules:

HIIT Disc Golf (HDG)

This is where my version of Disc Golf comes in. As far as I know, no one has created this game before me. I play High Intensity Interval Training Disc Golf.

It is the same idea as disc golf. Same rules, with a small addition.

After every throw, I sprint or do some other circuit-type exercise – like high knees – as I approach the lie.

Then I take a 10-second rest to breathe and throw again. After each throw, I run to the lie, take a 10-second breather and then throw again.

There it is, HIIT Disc Golf (HDG).

Lost Weight And Kept It Off

I have been playing HIIT Disc Golf (HDG) for two seasons. When I started it, I weighed over 200 lbs. By the end of that first season, I was under 170 lbs. I also started eating right and doing other workout stuff at that time. HDG was not the only thing I did, but it was a key tool that helped me become a more healthy weight.

Spring, Summer, and Fall Fun

I will be playing HIIT disc golf a few days a week through the spring, summer, and fall season. If not playing HDG, you might find me playing a leisure round somewhere else. Being in the Minneapolis area, there are courses to choose from aplenty. Most are free. A few courses are pay to play, but cheap at no more than $10. Those few courses are worth the because they are well maintained.

Check out disc golf for yourself! Great way to get outside, stay active, and have some fun. It’s a great game alone or with a group.

The Music – Chillhop Essentials

The music this week is a super cool chill hop mix, from Chillhop Music. Check it!

The Workout

As always, warm up. I do the warm-up from FightTips, which I have posted numerous times. Don’t forget to warm-up before exercising!I

Round 1 – Tai Chi – Basic moves for 20 minutes

This week I am doing 20 minute Tai Chi sessions. Just going through some of the basic moves I picked up from Master Wong videos and others. I set my timer for 20 minutes and practice some basic moves while working on controlled breathing.

Ssssllloowww-Mmmmmooooo Kung Fu.

Kung Fu Yoga!

Round 2 – FIIT Tabata Burner – Freestyle

For round 2 we will need an interval timer and weighted gloves. I use the free android app on my phone and my Meister weighted gloves.

With interval timers set to 16 x 20X10 – I am doing freestyle punch combos with a few rounds of other moves, like squats, kicks, sumo walk, high knees, and “bike hurdles” – I do like a squat/tuck jump/lift thing back and forth over my spin bike, back and forth for 20-seconds.

**FIIT Principles – 85% max intensity during the 20-seconds. Boxer shuffle/fake jump rope at 65% max intensity for the 10-seconds.

Round 3 – CTXC Spin Bike Video

Round three will be this great workout video on the spin bike, from one of my go-to cycling workout sources – CTXC. This great interval workout, and others on their channel, will help get you in shape, rev up your metabolism, and keep you buzzing for hours! These videos are a great weight-loss/management tool. Please check out their channel and show them some love!

Round 4 – 15 minutes of Power Yoga

Aaaand Round 4 – Power Yoga from Sean Vigue at Sean Vigue Fitness. This dude has some great yoga content. His videos are easy and fun to do. Check out more here!

Have an Awesome Week!

There you have it my friends, this has been The Workout of the Week from Please be sure to check out all the awesome free content providers. A “YUGE” thank you to all of those awesome content providers as well. And of course and EVEN “YUGER” thank you to all the readers!

Be happy and healthy my friends! Maybe add some disc golf, “zen sport”, to your hero’s story! Whatever you write in your story this week, make sure you are the hero in that story and do the things the hero would do.

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