The F’s of Food; Apply the 80/20 Rule

The F’s of Food; Apply the 80/20 Rule

Hello everyone! 

Food can be a very individual thing. It’s hard to tell someone “eat what I am eating and you will have these results” when I know that each person is a very individual and unique organism. What helps me lose weight and be healthy just might not work the same for someone else. 

I do think applying some simple guidelines could help. 

Nutrient-dense Foods

Nutrient density is important, as this linked article delves into.

I try to eat nutrient-dense foods. I try to avoid eating foods that are not nutrient-dense.

Nutrients are basically the stuff in food that our body processes when we eat. In very general terms, the nutrients in our food help our body operate. Eating nutrient-dense foods helps the body operate as it should. Eating foods that are lacking in nutrients can negatively effect the way our body operates. 

The “F’s” of Food

My general rule is that if the food source was a farm, a field, or a forest; then it is good nutrient-dense food. 

If the food source was a factory or a fast food place; then it is probably not good nutrient-dense food. 

Use the 80/20 Rule

Use the 80/20 rule or better. My life has become more like a 90/10. The “other stuff” just makes me feel worse. The “good stuff” is superior fuel for the body and the mind! 

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