The Run/Walk on the Streets of Bloomington Workout

The Run/Walk on the Streets of Bloomington Workout

Good Morning my friends! I hope everyone had an awesome week last week. I hope all the Moms out there had an amazing Mother’s Day. THANK YOU, Mom! And Thank You! to all the Amazing Moms in the world!

To kick off another great week, this is The WOW!, the Workout of the Week, from This is “The Run/Walk on the Streets of Bloomington Workout”.

This week I have a really cool music pick, the group 2Cellos. These guys are amazing. I had no idea a Cello could make those sounds or get me pumped up! Check out the YouTube playlist below for some of their videos. These guys absolutely rock!

The workout will include alternating days of morning Yoga or Tai Chi routines, A fun RBFTB circuit with my resistance band set, and Alternating Run/Walk road intervals.

The posts will be light on research stuff for a while. This dude needs to study for my class right now. Beat the Akrasia Effect! Akrasia something the Greeks talked about. It is a little like procrastination.

It is the act of working against one’s better judgment. I have procrastinated work for this class. Now I need to work harder to get on track. So, the posts might be light on research through July.


  • Little
  • Puny
  • Specifically
  • Aligned
  • Goals

The Music — 2Cellos

2Cellos will blow your mind! As I said, no idea a Cello could sound like this. The live concert videos are really cool! I had seen these guys on YouTube before.

In watching a few videos for this post, just letting the “youtube-algo” run and play, a random video played with Elton John talking about 2Cellos. John liked their music so much he got them in his band. John compared listening to 2Cellos play to like when he saw Jimmy Hendrix play in the 1960s. To paraphrase John’s thoughts – Jimmy Hendrix changed guitar music like 2Cellos have changed Cello music.

I never thought Cello music could get my adrenaline pumping, like usual when I think “never-thoughts”, I was wrong!

Check out the playlist of 2Cellos YouTube videos I made. Check these guys out for yourself, maybe throw these guys a “like”, subscribe to their channel for more content.

The Workout!

Round 1 – Sunrise Yoga or Tai Chi

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Morning this week I am doing a yoga routine from Yoga with Adriene to start the day. Yoga with Adriene is my go-to spot for Yoga workouts on YouTube. The videos are great and Adriene is awesome at teaching this stuff. Please check out their YouTube Channel and show them some love for the awesome gift of free yoga!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am subbing in a Tai Chi video to start the day. Jake Mace has some great free Tai Chi videos. These are great “health” Tai Chi for beginner videos. Please check out Jake Mace on his YouTube channel for more!

Round 2 – Resistance Band FIIT Tabata Burner – “RBFTBs”

Next Round, anchor the resistance band. Set the interval timer for 20 x 10 X 24. That is 3 total rounds of Tabata without a break. You could take up to a minute break after each 8 round of 8 for normal Tabatas. The 8 moves are below, repeat this three times for the full RBFTB.

  1. Curls
  2. Standing Bench
  3. Pull Backs
  4. Butterflies
  5. Reverse Butterflies
  6. Big Rights
  7. Big Lefts
  8. 1-2 combos

Round Three – Run/Walk Road Intervals

My time lately has been spent thinking of ways to get in my cardio now that I am not using my bike as much (because my bike is too loud for the apartment). One of the easiest ways is to hit the streets and walk or run, or BOTH! Long distance running has never been my thing. I do not enjoy long runs. However, I do enjoy doing run/walk intervals where I run hard for a period of time and then walk for a period of time.

Here are some run/walk options that I do. I try to keep these workouts to about half an hour and I can usually get around 1.5 miles in that time. Sometimes more, sometimes less, not longer than 45 minutes.

  • Option 1 – 20/40s – Run for 20 seconds, then walk for 40 seconds then repeat.
  • Option 2 – Alternate city blocks – run a block, then walk a block, then repeat.
  • Option 3 – 30/30s. Run 30 seconds, then walk 30 seconds
  • Option 4 – Random – Sometimes I just do random run/walk with no real format. I will throw in some shuffles and punch combos as I am jogging. Mix things up, have some fun, work hard, and enjoy the benefits of hard physical exercise.

For me, there is nothing better than a good workout! These run/walk options are a great way to get outside and get the benefits of a hard exercise without doing a long routine.

Make It An Awesome Week!

There you have it, everyone! This has been the Workout of the Week, for the week of 5/12/19. Thank you so much for reading. Thank you to all the amazing content providers! Please show them some support and check out the links!

Be happy and healthy my friends. Be the hero in your story!

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