The WOW – 10/15/18 – The HIIT Myself in the Yoga Shorts Workout

The WOW – 10/15/18 – The HIIT Myself in the Yoga Shorts Workout

The WOW – Workout of the week for the week of October 15 2018: The “HIIT Myself in the Yoga Shorts Workout”

Hey Readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. To kick off another week of acheiving greatness, lets get into a workout! In case the title didn’t give it away we will be doing some HIIT boxing rounds and a yoga routine. No excuses this week, it’s time to HIIT it! 

In the mornings this week we are doing HIIT intervals with boxing movements. We will be doing 15 intervals of 60 seconds-intense, 30 seconds of less-intense work.  

**Note At we do not condone fighting or violence. We do think everyone should know how to defend themself if they need to. Boxing is awesome cardio, and it teaches some basic punching, which could be a little bit of self defense if a person is ever in the situation where it would be needed. 

**Fighting and being a jerk, because you can, are not cool things to do. Exercise, fitness, and self improvement is the goal from these workouts. I am not promoting boxing workouts for people trying to kick someone else’s butt. 

In the evening we will be doing a power yoga routine – A 35 minute Power Yoga video from SeanVigueFitness. Power Yoga is focused on the workout more than the “spiritual” aspects of yoga – totally my style. If you have never tried yoga, it is an amazing thing that is changing my life. I recommend everyone at least try a yoga routine for a week and see what it is like. 

The Morning HIIT Session

For the Morning HIIT Session we will be using our Interval timers. The workout will be sets of 60 seconds of hard work, followed by 30 seconds of light work, repeated for 15 reps. That is 15 minutes of hard work and 7.5 minutes of light work for a 22.5 minute workout. Of course, remember to do a warm up first. I do this warm up every day. 

**The Music: I am listening ASOT episode 885 from Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance as I do this workout. Check out Armin’s new single Wild Wild Son and the video at the start of this jammin episoide! The Wild Wild Son Club mix is coming soon too! ASOT is great music for HIIT workouts. Armin’s weekly music show is free to watch on YouTube, or you can listen on Spotify, or I am sure other streaming services. Please check out Armin’s stuff!

During the intense work period we are going cycle through five boxer movements. 1) 4-punch combos, 2) kick combos, 3) high knees, 4) squat jumps, 5) Jumping switch lunge into jab-cross combos. That means we will be doing each exercise three times, for one minute each time as the workout progresses.

For the 30 seconds of less intense work we will be doing a boxer shuffle with some lateral movements and mixed defensive movements. 

If you have weighted gloves or handweights, use them if you want. I am using my ringside brand weighted gloves for this workout. 

This short but effective workout will get your heart pumping and get you revved up for the day. HIIT workouts can be and effective tool for fat-loss. If you are not familiar with HIIT training, check out this great artical by Laura Hensley, of Hensley provides info about the good, and bad of HIIT. HIIT training works for me, but people should be aware of potential problems too. 

*Probably talk to a doctor if you are questioning if you’re healthy enough to do HIIT training. 

The After work yoga routine

The yoga routine this week is a video I found from a great content provider. SeanVigueFitness has several great yoga videos that range from beginger to advanced. 

I have never tried power yoga before. I was not really sure what power yoga was, so I asked my “googel-machine” to help with that. I found a great article from that talks about it

Power Yoga is probably alot like my style of yoga. Its less of the “spiritual yoga” stuff and more about the workout. My reason for yoga is not seaking a spiritual thing, so Power Yoga is right up my ally. It’s probably a lot like “DDPYoga”. 

Yoga is the only thing I have ever found to effectively relieve my lower back pain. 

**I want to be clear here, yoga does not “cure” back pain for me. What it does do is allows me a way to relieve back pain, with a little bit of work. I think it is going away more as I get stonger at doing yoga stuff. Some of that could be the placebo effect, but I think it’s mostly because this type of exercise is really good for people to do!  

Many people talk about aches and pains that they live with in their lives. Many deal with these by using alcohol, pain killers, or other substances. I want to let people know that maybe Yoga is a better way. It certainly seems to be for me. I stopped taking otc pain killers about fours years ago completely. I stopped consuming alcohol about three years ago – one of the best choices in my personal live and health. Exercise has helped tremendously with pains I had from years of living a sedentary life. 

Yoga is like a revalation in pain management though. I think it is a way to prevent pain from happening before it does too. People out there who are dealing with some back and body pains, TRY YOGA. 

A quick note: I got a really nice yoga mat set earlier this week. The kit was under $30. It included 2 blocks, a strap, a thick foam yoga mat, a micro fiber mat towel, and smaller towel. I am not an affilate, or i would include a link, but I got mine on Amazon. If you don’t have a mat, check out the Reehut kit. This kit has everything a person could need to get started doing yoga. 

There you it my friends, The WOW: The HIIT Myself in The Yoga Shorts Workout – from, for the week of October 15, 2018. I urge all reading to just get up and move around for a while this week Get some exercise. It will benefit you, I promise! Try this week’s WOW if you have some time! If you do, please leave me a comment and let me know how you do! 

Thanks to SeanVigueFitness for creating amazing free yoga videos for people! You are awesome. People please check out SeanVigueFitness and all the incredible content. 

Thanks to Armin for the awesome radio program; ASOT has enriched my life for many years! Please check out Armin’s music and content

Until next time, be happy and healthy my friends! 

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