The WOW – 12/24/18 – The “All I Want For Christmas is Another FIIT Workout”

The WOW – 12/24/18 – The “All I Want For Christmas is Another FIIT Workout”

Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! The WOW – Workout of the Week – for the week of 12/24/18 is what I am calling the “All I want for Christmas is Another FIIT Workout”. This workout will include a freestyle punch and kick FIIT Tabata interval routine, a CLASSIC 20-minute spin bike video from GCN, a Christmas day Tabata Burner, and a great 30X30X20 FIIT cardio workout. In addition, this post will include a really cool Chill mix to workout with!

Just because it’s a holiday week doesn’t mean we can take time off from workouts! I am traveling this week but made sure to bring my weighted gloves and my yoga mat. By bringing these things, I have taken the first step of eliminating excuses. Exercise is too important to skip, even over a holiday. Plus, I feel way less guilty about eating cookies and holiday food when I work out! 😉

Mon, Wed, Fri: Workout Routine

24 Rep Freestyle Punch and Kick FIIT Tabata Routine

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will start the day with a round of freestyle punch and kick intervals. Set those interval timers for 24 rounds of 20 X 10. Using Flow/FIIT principles – 85% max intensity for the 20 seconds and 65% max intensity during the 10 seconds – mix in kick and punch combos for the 20 seconds of work, then do a boxer shuffle for the 10 seconds.

I brought my Meister brand 1lbs gloves with me as I am traveling. If you don’t have weighted gloves, GET SOME! One could also use hand weights, soup cans, or something else that weighs about 1lbs and can be easily held. Or just workout without them. Either way is cool! These Meister gloves fit great and totally add a new element to the workouts!

Classic GCN Spin Video!

I will also be mixing in an absolutely classic spin bike video from GCN. GCN is pretty much my first stop-spot for anything regarding a bike! They have tons of awesome free content! Please check them out!

This spin video was integral in my weight loss journey. The easy to follow workout has been a part of my workouts for about three years. This video will get your heart pumping, boost your mood, and rev up your metabolism for hours!

Tuesday and Thursday: FIIT Tabata Burner and FTP Intervals

Tuesday and Thursday morning will start the day with a new Tabata Burner routine. I am running through these eight exercises three times, doing FIIT Tabata intervals. FIIT intervals basically mean work at 85% max for the 20-seconds, then work at 65% max intensity during the 10-seconds. During the 10 seconds, I am just doing a basic boxer shuffle. Here is the routine for the 20-seconds of intense work:

  1. Spiderman Push-ups
  2. Sumo Walk
  3. Yoga Dips (transition from up-dog to down-dog)
  4. Squats
  5. Walking “TD” lunges – Start with arms out in a T position, then as you lower into a yoga-lunge, move arms up into Touchdown signal, while using dynamic resistance.
  6. Jumping Jacks
  7. Alternating (Thai style) High Knees
  8. Alternating Front Kicks

Repeat three times for the full routine. Take up to a minute break between rounds if you want, or just burn through them all in one set! Either way is cool!

FIIT Cardio Intervals

Also on Tuesday and Thursday, I will get in some straight cardio intervals. Change the interval timers to 20 reps of 30X30. I will be using a spin bike (luckily my mom has one too!). Sub in any cardio of choice doing 20 intervals of 30X30. If on a spin bike, do an over/under FTP ride using FIIT principles. If not on a bike, same principles, work at about 85% max intensity during the “on” and about 65% max intensity during the “off”.

The Music This Week!

Winter Calm/A Sunday Chill Mix – From Majestic Casual

For the music this week, I found a great chill mix from a YouTuber over at Majestic Casual. This mix, as well as MANY others are available for FREE from the Majestic Casual YouTube Channel. Please check out their amazing free content!

Wrap it up, for Christmas! 🙂

AAAAaaand there you have it everyone, The WOW! The Workout of the Week for the week of 12/24/18. The “All I Want for Christmas is Another FIIT Workout” workout from Thank you so much for reading my blog. Thank you to all the amazing free content providers! Please show them some love and check out the free content! Be happy and healthy my friends! And be the hero in your Christmas Story! Merry Christmas World!

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