The WOW: 12/31/18 – Set Your Goals, Then Get Your Goals

The WOW: 12/31/18 – Set Your Goals, Then Get Your Goals

HELLLOOO there everyone and Happy New Year! The WOW – Workout of the Week, for 12/31/18, is the “Set Your Goals, Then Get Your Goals” workout. The workout this week will include a new FIIT Tabata Burner, an FTP interval spin, and some Power Yoga! In addition, The Music this week will link to ASOT episode 895 – The top 50 (listener voted) tracks of 2018! This episode is four hours of FIIIIRE! 🙂

Set Your Goals

Before we get into the workout, I want to take a minute to talk about goal setting. People always talk about setting a New Year’s resolution. If you want to set a resolution that’s great! However, most people don’t stick to resolutions. According to the Huffington Post, only about 8% of people actually follow through on their big resolutions. That’s not promising. Maybe we need a different method!

I say instead of resolutions, set goals. Set small, achievable goals.

I called these LPSAGs


LPSAG = Little Puny Specifically Aligned Goals


These should be directed towards a bigger goal. A BHAG

BHAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Use LPSAGs to Get Those BHAGs

Set small goals that will move you in the direction of bigger goals. When you achieve a small goal, you get the satisfaction of accomplishment, the reinforcement of success, and all the positive “vibes” that go with success.

I taught myself how to do this in college, as a part-time student while working a fulltime job. My process led me to be graduate with the distinction of Summa Cum Laude; something I NEVER thought was achievable for me.

This is also how I lost over 90lbs and took ownership of my personal health! I will continue to do this in 2019. I will be doing my own Goals Post soon as well so stay tuned for that!

Write Down Your Goals

Writing down goals is SUPER-Important. It is a way to gain accountability and keep on track.

I write down my goals – my LPSAGs – every day. I put a box in front of each task. When I complete a goal, I put an X in the box.

This type of goal setting took me from “a dude working in a warehouse” to a successful student, then business professional, and now to my own website/blog.

If I can do this, ANYONE can. All you have to do is SET YOUR GOALS, then GET YOUR GOALS!

The “Set Your Goals, Then Get Your Goals Workout”!

The Music!

Music is so important in my life. ASOT is a great weekly music program that I have been following for years. Armin is a LEGEND! His show is FREE. This week’s episode is the Top 50 listener tracks from 2018. The show is epic! Check it out!

FIIT Tabata Burner

To start the week I have a great new FIIT Tabata Burner. FIIT = Flow Intensity Interval Training. Applied to interval training, FIIT is an idea that I have been using for my workouts – work at 85% max intensity during the “intense” interval, then at about 65% max intensity during the “less intense”.

Tabata Burners are 3 sets of Tabata intervals. Tabata is an interval training method where one does 8 intervals of 20 seconds “on” and 10 seconds “off”. I use my interval timer app. For Burners set your timer to 24 intervals of 20X10. During the 10 seconds, do a boxer shuffle type movement.

The Burner Set

  1. T-Pushups
  2. Alternating “Touchdown” lunges – start with arms in T position and move to “Touchdown” position as you go down into the lunge. Use dynamic resistance through the movement.
  3. 1-2, jab-cross – punch combos
  4. Squat Jumps
  5. Alternating front kicks
  6. Yoga Dips – a repeating transition from down dog to up dog.
  7. Ice-skaters
  8. High Knees

Repeat 3X for the full Burner Set. If you want, you could set your interval timer for 8 reps of 20X10 and take up to a one-minute break between the three total Tabata rounds.

FTP Bike Session w/FIIT Principles

This week’s workout also includes an FTP spin bike session. If you are not familiar with FTP, check out this GCN video. GCN has some of the best spin bike content on the web. Their free workout videos helped change my life! Show them some love and check their awesome free content here.

For the session, set your intervals timers for 20 reps of 40×20. Ride at 85% max FTP for 40 seconds and at 65% max FTP for the 20 seconds. These intervals will get your metabolism revved up, boost your mood, and sharpen your mind!

If you don’t have a spin bike, sub in cardio and try some 40X20 boxer shuffles, jump ropes, or even just walking in place. Weather permitting you could go outside and run for 40 seconds, then walk for 20 seconds and repeat through 20 intervals.

SSSTTRRETCH Out With Some Power Yoga!

I like to do yoga right after my bike sessions. The muscles are warm and if I have tension, I can relieve it easier if warmed up.

I start with a mountain pose. A good strong mountain pose. Flow from mountain to forward fold, then move hands to knees and push back flat. Flow through these moves five times.

ove into down dog and hold it for 10 breaths. Next, transition into up dog and hold for 10 breaths.

Return to mountain pose. Flow through 5 “diamond cutters“. Check out DDP Yoga to learn more! The key is DYNAMIC RESISTANCE and BREATHING.

Flow through warrior 1, 2, 3, and deep lunges. I perform these poses on left side and right side.

Finish it off with another flow from mountain, to forward fold, to hands on knees and flat back. Then back to down dog for a 10 count and up dog for a 10 count. BREEEAATHE!

Make 2019 Awesome!

There you have it my friends, the WOW, for 12/31/18. This is the “Set Your Goals, Then Get Your Goals” workout. Thank you SO MUCH for reading. Thank you to all the amazing free content providers! Please check out their stuff and support them for what they do! Be happy and healthy in the new year! Set your goals, get your goals, and be the hero in your story

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