The WOW! – “The Become the GOAT in Your Story Workout”

The WOW! – “The Become the GOAT in Your Story Workout”

Hello Friends! To kick off another week of awesomeness, this is The WOW, The Workout of the Week for the week of 2/4/19. This is “The Become the GOAT in Your Story Workout”. This week we will be doing some boxing rounds, a resistance band routine, and some bike sprints!

Tom Brady – This Dude is THE G.O.A.T.

As I am writing this post, it’s Sunday Morning, before the Superbowl. It’s Superbowl LIII (53). It will be Tom Brady’s NINTH appearance in the Superbowl. Whether you’re a Pats fan or not, you cannot argue with Tom Brady’s success or legacy. Excellence in action. Over 200 wins in the NFL in a career speaks for itself, loudly!

I am not a fan of the Patriots or the Rams. However I am a fan of excellence, so I am pumped to see these teams face off!

I love Tom Brady’s story. I won’t go too deep in this post, his story is well documented for anyone who wants to research. I will hit some key points in the guy’s career and I will talk about his prep and TB12.

Before Tom Brady Became The GOAT

Before Tom Brady was the QB with the most wins in the NFL… (he has over 200 wins and no one else is close!)

Before the New England Patriots were perennial division champs...

Tom Brady didn’t automatically get a starting job in college. Dude wasn’t a number one draft pick. He was not highly scouted. He was overlooked by almost every NFL team.

Tom was drafted in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL draft. He was the 199th pick.

Guys like Chad Pennington and Spergon Wynn were drafted in front of him!

Coming from that, you would never think Brady would be as successful as he has been. No one would think that guy would be a 5-time Superbowl Champ (maybe 6-time by the time people read this).

How does he do it?

Tom Brady has a superior will and determination to win. He also has a pretty great fitness routine – The TB12 Method. He (ghost) wrote a book… check it out!

TB12 – Eating, Hydration, and Exercise

Brady has a book and program called TB12. This how Brady stays in shape and what he eats to be at peak performance. He focuses on eating good food and a unique workout routine. Check out more about the TB12 Method here! I purchased a copy of the book on Audible. I haven’t listened to it all yet, but you can get it for about $15. Or if you are frugal, like me!, buy 3 credits instead of the book and it costs about $12 instead.

I have completed this book yet, but I watched a few videos about Tom’s diet with TB12 and it’s a lot like my concept, The Fs of Food. Basically, TB12 says eat good healthy food, like veggies and lean meats, nuts, and other nutrient-dense foods.

The muscle pliability stuff is very interesting! I can’t wait to dig in to these details…

Hydration of is key importance. Drinking water is one of the foundations of the TB12 method.

Either way, Brady is doing something right! He is the inspiratioin for this workout. In the first chapter of TB12 Tom talks about sustained peak performance. This is his goal with TB12. I love that! That is my whole idea behind FIIT intervals – Flow Intensity Interval Training.

Be like “Terrific Tom” and become the G.O.A.T. in your story.

The Music

For the music this week I found a great Rock mix from a YouTube channel called Fit League. They have lots of great workout tunes! Check out this great content provider!

The Workout: The Become The GOAT in Your Story Workout

Lets get into the workout!

This week we will be doing double FIIT Tabata sets. It will be three sets of 16 x 20X10. The first two sets are free style boxing. The middle two will be bike intervals, and then will finish off with two rounds of resistance band work.

Rounds 1 and 2 – FIIT Tabata Freestyle boxing

Set your interval timers to 16 intervals of 20-on and 10-off. During the 20-seconds we will be throwing freestyle punch combos. During the 10-seconds we will be doing fake jump or running in place.

Check out some Meister weighted gloves! These are a great addition to FIIT workouts!

Weighted gloves if you got em! FIIT principles. 85% max intensity during the 20-seconds,65% during the 10 seconds.

Rounds 3 and 4: Bike Intervals

Then for rounds 3 and 4 we are doing bike intervals, keep your timer the same: 16 x 20X10. FIIT principles. And GO!

Rounds 5 and 6: Resistance Band

This resistance band set from Flexible Sport is great! About $20 on Amazon. The different bands are different “weights” of resistance. This is a versatile set that is a great addition to any home gym.

Then the last two rounds will be a set of 8 exercises repeated once. Keep your interval timers the same: 16 x 20X10. Use FIIT principles. Follow this routine:

  1. *with band anchored* – Bicept curls — I anchor to my spin bike. You could anchor to a door or a couch, or some other heavy object. If nothing is available, stand on the band to anchor and modify work accordingly.
  2. (facing away from anchor) Butterflies
  3. (spin around so you face the anchor) “back butterflies”
  4. standing bench press
  5. 1-2 punch combos
  6. *stand on the band to anchor* squats
  7. *stand on the band to anchor* – “take flights” – while standing on the resistance band, move arms like you are flapping big wings and trying to take off – or like same motion your arms do when doing jumping jacks.
  8. *stand on the band to anchor* – Tricep extensions.

Repeat for next 8 intervals

This is how I anchor for most of the workout

In closing…

Don’t forget to warm up before and stretch out after doing an exercise!

Thanks for reading everyone! Thank you so much for your time! Thank you to the free content providers! Check out the TB12 method for more about what Brady does.

No one ever would have thought Brady was going to be the Pro he has become. He did it through dedication, effort, the will to win, and The TB12 Method. Whether you’re a Patriots fan or not, the dude is awesome and his greatness cannot be argued. As you tackle another week, be happy and healthy my friends. Set goals, work hard, and be the G.O.A.T. in the story you write with your life!

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