The WOW – The Changing Your Story Workout

The WOW – The Changing Your Story Workout

Good Morning my friends! This is The WOW! The Workout of the Week from, for the week of 2/11/19. This is the Changing Your Story Workout. This post is going to be a little later than my normal post time, as I am writing this on Monday morning.

I spent the weekend with my “brothers from other mothers”, on an ice fishing trip, and didn’t get to write my post on Sunday morning, as I usually do. I have today off, so this WOW is coming at you live and I am actually doing the workout as I write it! Fun stuff, my peeps! This week I am highlighting a great motivational video, a cool music YouTuber, and will have a great workout! Let’s get some awesome this week and put it into the story of our lives!

Ice fishing on Lake Winnie!
First night there was -28 degrees! It was warmer the rest of the time.

Because I was on the ice this weekend I didn’t get a chance to do much research for the post this week. So I am going to “riff” a little instead about why I do what I do here at

The Why

I started this site and The WOW weekly post because I think people can write their own story in life and change their circumstance. People can do that by trying every day to be better than we were yesterday. I know that if I can change my life by applying this idea, that anyone can. There isn’t anything more special about me than anyone else. I am just a regular dude trying to better, every day.

A Bit About Me

Most of my life, from about age 10 through my early 30s, I was overweight. I carried most the extra weight as fat in my midsection. Belly, love handles, and yes… the dreaded man-boobs. I was self-conscious about my image. I wore super baggy clothes to hide my “fluff”. Sometimes I still look in the mirror and expect to see a fat dude staring back at me… Then get surprised to see the smaller version! πŸ™‚

Growing up, I got picked on by bullies as a kid because of “my fluff”. After years of worrying about bullies, I developed a bit of a victim mindset and was stuck there for a long time.

I Played the victim … but really just “played” myself…

The victim mindset carried into my adult life. I hid in my safe little world of close friends, bars, work, tv, video games, and whatever lies at the bottom of empty beer cans — *that’s nothing, in case you’ve never been there! Trust me, there’s nothing else in there.

My “Pops”

When I was 25, my father passed away. That event opened my eyes to how short this life really is. His death was both unexpected and devastating. Although his weight was not the cause of his death, my dad was very overweight. My dad took care of his mind; as a pastor, always studying and practicing his work. However, he didn’t take great care of his body and a part of me wonders if that could have helped extend his life. Maybe not, sometimes it’s just your time… Either way, his passing was a wake up call for me.

Books, Guitar, Then School.

After my dad died I started reading books, teaching myself guitar, and then returned to school after being on the fence for years. Then I spent age 28 to age 34 working my full-time job and studying on mornings, nights, and weekends – attending school part-time. I earned two degrees. I went from being a warehouse worker to a customer service rep (supply chain coordinator). In customer service, I learned to love providing service to people. I learned how to become a business person. Combining service with developing business skills, I learned what I want my “professional brand” to be. Today I get to support people every day in my day job. When I do this “blog stuff on the side”, I get to live my passion. πŸ™‚

A Nutrition Elective

In about my third year of school I took a nutrition class as an elective. I learned more about health and nutrition in that class than I ever had in my whole life – I still thought the old food pyramid was the way to eat! I loved food before that class but never thought much about nutrition and ate a lot of JUNK. That class opened my eyes to what “Good” food really is.

I found a passionΒ in my life. I found a way to start changing the character in my story to “the me I want to be.

Working Out

About that time I start working out and tracking my workouts. I got deeper studying nutrition and exercise, studying philosophy and motivation. Studying motivation, along with all the positive momentum from accomplishing small goals **Check out my stuff about LPSAGs**, changed the things I told myself about myself.

Changing The Story

I started to write a different story for my life!

Listening to motivational media helped change what I told myself. Motion Archive is an awesome YouTube Channel by Mulligan Brothers. Check out a positive affirmations video that will really kick start your story change. If nothing else out of this post – PLEASE check out this video and the other awesome content from Mulligan Brothers, other YouTubers like them!

Setting Goals and Getting Goals

I lost over 90lbs by exercising, tracking my exercises, setting small attainable goals and accomplishing them, and eating good nutritious food.

Writing “The WOW” is writing down my workout goals every week!

I am trying to write better parts into my story every day! I do this by setting big goals (BHAGs) then setting smaller goals that line up with the big goals (LPSAGs).

That is where you find me today, my friends. Really, The WOW stemmed from writing down my weekly workout goals. Posting The WOW out here for the world to see is me trying to hold myself accountable. If I say I do it, I better do it!

I don’t know if my way is the best way for everyone. What works for me might not work for other people. But Maybe… just maybe some of the things I do could help inspire someone else… If that happens, AWESOME!

If no one else ever reads another WOW post though, I am going to keep doing it. These are my workout goals for the week. I really do this workout every week! If nothing else, it keeps me on track!

The hero in my story does these workouts every week! πŸ™‚

The Music!

The music this week is from a great YouTube mixer I found – Fantastic Music. FM’s YouTube channel has hours of great, chill music.

This “New York” JazzHop playlist is great for freestyle boxing with FIIT intervals!

The Workout

For the workout will need interval timers, weighted gloves (if you got em), a spin bike (or sub in other cardio), and probably some yoga stuff – like a mat, strap, and blocks.

Three Rounds of FIIT intervals – 30×30 X 10

FIIT = Flow Intensity Interval Training.

Work at 85% max intensity for 30 seconds, then work at 65% max intensity for 30 seconds, and repeat for 10 intervals! That’s one round.

We are doing 3 total sets of 30×30 X 10 – for a three round, 30 minute workout.

Let’s GET IT PEOPLE! Have some fun!

Round 1 – Freestyle Punches and Dynamic Movement

With weighted gloves, if you got ’em:

These 1lbs Meister weighted gloves are perfect for at home workouts!

Freestyle punch combos during the “on” interval. Work at 85% max intensity for 30 seconds – throwing whatever punch combos you want. Then mix in boxer shuffle, fake jump rope, sumo walk, walking TD lunges, and squats – in that order then repeat – during the “off” interval. Work at 65% max intensity for these 30-seconds of dynamic moves.

Round 2 – FIIT Cardio Intervals

I am using my spin bike for round 2 – FIIT principles – 30 seconds at 85% max FTP, 30 seconds at 65% max FTP, repeat 10 times.

30×30 X 10 FIIT Principles. If you don’t have a bike, sub in any other cardio. Sometimes I will jog in place and then run in place, as a break from the bike, if I cannot get outside. Do whatever works for cardio with 30 seconds on, 30 second off FIIT intervals.

Round 3 – POWER YOGA – type stuff πŸ™‚

For round 3, I am resetting my interval timer for 30×30 X 10. I am going to do more of a power-yoga, stretching routine. Freestyling it a bit.

The key is I am holding each pose for 30 seconds, then flowing into another pose for 30 seconds. I will move through a few “diamond cutters”, up dog, down dog, forward fold, hands on knees with a flat back, some warrior poses, and whatever else feels good! Freestyle peeps! Do what feels good. Breathe. Don’t force it too much. Just FLOW! πŸ™‚

If you need some help with yoga stuff – Yoga Journal has a great pose index on their website. Or check out some YouTube videos. Yoga With Adriene is great. Manflow Yoga is really good. Yoga with Tim is another one! Sean Vigue fitness is good. These are just a couple. Fire up your “google-machine” and see what you get! πŸ™‚

Make It An Awesome Week!

In closing this week, let’s all go make some awesome! Write a story about your life. In that story do the things that would make your “You” character a hero. Don’t write that story with a pen and paper or a keyboard; write it with actions that you take! Go out and do something that would make you a “hero” by your own standards. Start with something small and do it every day. Try a smal but attainable goal. Build some momentum by doing it every day. Realize that you have always been the hero in your story, and then live it!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! Thank you to all the awesome content providers. This has been “The Changing Your Story Workout”, from Until next time, be happy and healthy, my friends. Try doing some stuff your “hero you” would do! πŸ™‚

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