The WOW: The Double-Up Those HIITS Workout!

The WOW: The Double-Up Those HIITS Workout!

Good Morning! The WOW this week is the “Double-Up Those HIITs Workout”.

This week I am trying an experiment, wearing both my Ringside 1lbs gloves and my Meister 1lbs gloves at the same time. I can wear the Meister gloves normally and the Ringside backwards. Check the pic below. 

If you don’t have 2 pairs of gloves like this, thats cool. Just wear one pair. Or if you don’t have gloves (you should get some!), you could use hand weights or even soup cans! Or just through fisticuffs! I think the gloves add an element, but one can get a great workout just doing the routine. 

The Music: More Zen Chillstep! 

I am really on this Zen Chillstep kick lately! It just seems to put me in the zone. It helps me flow!This is another mix from the awesome content providers over at Pulse8. Please check them out and show them some love for their free content! 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Morning

We are jumping into 5 sets of tabata, or 40 intervals, of 20X10. You will want an interval timer. Set it for 8 intervals of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, if you want a minute break between rounds (sets). I am running through this with no breaks so I just set it at 40 and burn straight through. Either way is good! If you are more experienced doing intervals, try to do 16 or 24 and then take a break. Work to improve your conditioning and you will! Push it and you will see results. 

Either way its a total of 40 intervals of 20 on, 10 off. During the 20 seconds of intense work, it’s free style, four-punch combos. I also throw in a few rounds of kicks and knees. During the 10 seconds of lighter work, do head ducks, slips, blocks, and defensive type movements. 

This is a “tabata flow” work out. The concept of tabata is usually to max it out during the intense work. Instead, I am using an 85% intensity during the 20 seconds of intense work, and about a 65% intensity during the 10 seconds of less intense work. I went deeper into this a couple WOWs ago – please check it out if you want more on this concept! 

Mon, Wed, Fri: Eve/After work 

After work I love to get on my spin bike and just burn through some intervals. It’s a great stress reliever. Mon, Wed, Fri this week we will keep the interval timer the same as in the morning and bust out 40 more intervals of 20 on, 10 off. This time I will be on my bike and riding at my FTP. Check out this video from GCN that talks about FTP if you are not sure what that means – it’s a lot like my “flow” concept. GCN is one of my go to workout sources and doing their bike videos changed my life. Please check out their stuff! 

If you don’t have a spin bike, you could jump rope, or jog in place for 20 seconds and then rest for ten seconds. You can do intervals on a treadmill too. Although be carefull, treadmill burns suck. One could always do a video like this one too – it’s like a freestyle walking workout – anyone could do this!

That’s it for Mon,Wed, Fri eve – 40 rounds of tabata intervals

Tuesday and Thursday: Morning

Tuesday and Thursday morning will be another 40 intervals of tabata sets. This time, no gloves, equipment are needed. We will be doing a  no messing around, hard work, regular tabata style, full body work out. 

The Set

With your interval time set to 40 intervals of 20 on, 10 off, run through these exerecises. You could set you timer for 8 intervals and take a short break between rounds, every 8 intervals (regular tabata sets). Gauge that on your personal fitness level. Either way get to 40 total intervals for the full workout! Work hard but don’t kill yourself with no break. These should be hard tabata intervals so if you need a break, take one. **Consult a doctor before doing hard HIIT exercises if you have never done them before** 

  1. Squat jumps
  2. Burpees
  3. T-push ups
  4. Sit ups 
  5. Side Plank – Right
  6. Side Plank – Left
  7. Flat Plank 
  8. Jumping jacks

Tuesday and Thursday: Eve/After Work

Afterwork on Tuesday and Thursday we will be doing another FTP style spin. For this one I am switching the intervals to 25 intervals of 30 on and 30 off. 

I will be following that up with a yoga routine to stretch out, relax, and feel good! This video from Man Flow Yoga is a good one. Please check out their youtube channel – these folks have tons of awesome content! Please check out their youtube channel here!

There you have it my friends! The WOW – the workout of the week – The Double-Up Those HIITs workout. Thanks so much for reading! Thanks to all the awesome free for everyone content contributors! Please check out their stuff and support what they do! And remember folks, starting today, be the hero of your story! 

Double Gloves: 
1lbs Rindside
1lbs Meister 

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