The WOW! – The End of No-Shave November Workout!

The WOW! – The End of No-Shave November Workout!

Hi Everyone! This is the WOW! – The Workout of the Week from for the week of 12/3/18. This is “The End of No-Shave November Workout”. 

No-Shave November

No-Shave November and “Movemember” are basically both the same thing. Movember is more of a mustache thing, and No-shave November all facial hair. They both aim to do about the same thing – Raise awareness for men’s cancer, mental health, and other health issues. I included links to the No-Shave Novemeber page and wikipedia page for Movember – please check out the links for more info. Support men’s health! 

I had a bit of a jump start in growing my goofy excuse for a No-Shave November Beard. I trimmed a bit, but basically just let my “face-fuzz” grow for the whole month. Admittedly, my patchy beard was getting pretty gnarly looking. After over a month, I almost didn’t want to shave, but it was time to clean it up! Check the before and after pics! 

My weight loss, and hair loss story

Before I get into the workout I want to share my personal story about weight loss that had a side-effect of random hairloss. 

In the middle of 2017, I was going through many changes in my life, kind of all at once. I had many changes in my living situation, I was attempting to purchase some real estate, and I was trying to finish up college while after six years of working a full-time job and attending college, online during nights and weekends.

In addition, at that time I was losing weight. At the start of 2016, I was 245lbs, my heaviest weight ever. I started working out every day, and have continued on that path to this day. At the start of 2017, I was about 195lbs. By the summer of 2017, I had gotten down to about 165lbs. 

Alopecia Areata 

In June of 2017, I started to notice some spots on my head where hair was thinning. Not spots like on top of my head, like random spots along the ear line, the temple line, on the back of my head near the neckline, and other spots! I was afraid I was dying! Aaand I was SUPER-EMBARRASSED about it! I went to a clinic, they told me I had Alopecia Areata. 

Alopecia Areata is areas of hair loss on the head. It can be caused by many things. I learned that it can happen when people are under stress. When that stress combines with weight loss, Alopecia Areata can happen. The clinic visit helped put my mind at ease that I wasn’t dying! 

How to Deal

After my clinic visit, I was told to see a dermatologist. I attempted to make an appointment but it was several months before a specialized doctor would see me. I needed a solution to this issue! I couldn’t walk around with hairless spots all over my head. Going to see Greg, an AWESOME barber at Sport Clips – Shout out to Greg the Barber in EP Sports Clips: Greg does a great bald-fade! – every week was spendy. I had to figure something out. 

Vitamin E Conditioner and Cutting My Own Hair

A coworker of mine suggested that I try using Vitamin E conditioner in my hair. I was skeptical that this would help. However, I was willing to try anything because of my embarrassment in having random bald spots on my head.

I stopped using shampoo all-together. I started using a conditioner that added Vitamin E. I saw a direct improvement in a few weeks of using it. 

I also got a Wahl clipper, a Self-Cut mirror, a hand-held mirror, and a haircutting scissors. I started watching YouTube videos about how to cut your own hair. I basically taught myself how to do a bald-fade from awesome free videos like this one linked from EhJayCutz. Thanks for the free videos! Check their channel out!

I have been cutting my own hair for around fifteen months now. My hair started growing back much more normally. I never scheduled that appointment with a dermatologist because my hair started growing back.

My hair loss was mostly stress related. When stresses of life combined with the stress of losing 80lbs of fat, I started losing hair. My body was pretty confused about it’s new “skinny-state”.

When I took the time do things like meditate and control my stressed out mind that also helped. Instead of freaking out about hair loss, I kind of owned it, by gaining information and taking action. Teaching myself to cut my own hair might be one of the best things I have done for myself. 

 That’s my story… Now it’s time for the workout! 

The Workout

Mon, Wed, Fri – Tabata burners 

For Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning we will need the interval timers set for tabata reps = 8 sets of 20X10. There will be eight exercises for each 20 second rep and the 10 seconds is a full recovery. Here are the moves:

  1. Spiderman pushup
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. “yoga dips” – this is basically a transition from down dog to up dog
  4. Burpees
  5. Squats
  6. Sumo-Walk squats
  7. Alternating front leg kicks
  8. Elbow planks to push-ups 

Those eight moves are one tabata set. Do at least three sets! 

After work I am doing a free spin on my stationary bike. I will be riding along with a virtual cycling video like this one.  YouTube has tons of videos like this. This one came from a YouTuber named Ratbas – thanks for the video! These type videos are great for indoor training. If you’re bored of working out indoors, videos like this could help. 

Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesday and Thursday morning I am working out to another great Nate Bower Fitness Video – Nate has some of the best boxing workout videos I have seen on the web. Check out his awesome free content! 

In the evening I will be running through some  FIIT Tabata intervals on my bike. Just like M, W, F mornings, we will need the interval timers set at 8 set of 20X10. FIIT intervals mean work at about 85% max during the 20 seconds and work at about 65% max during the 10 seconds. I will be doing 5 sets of Tabata intervals. You could take a minute break between every 8 intervals for a true Tabata feel, or just ride through all 40 total intervals if you are more conditioned to this work. 

Thanks for Reading 

Thank you all so much for reading! Support Men’s Health! Health and Mental Health issues for men are important and many times men don’t talk about or seek help when we are having personal problems. If you are a dude who is struggling with something, just know that there is help out there. It is up to you to take the steps to find it though! Thanks to all the free content providers out there! Be happy and healthy my friends! And be the hero in your story! 

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