Good Morning! To kick off another week of awesomeness, here is the Workout of the Week, for the week of 1/7/19, from This is the “Exercises is My Stress and Pain Management Placebo” workout. 

The workout this week will include a new 40X20 X 16 FIIT Burner, a 40X20 X 16 spin bike FTP session, and a “RBFTB” (Resistance Band FIIT Tabata Burner) workout! 

In addition the post this week will feature a talk from Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra that will CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK and a great “Epic Music” playlist to help find that flow! 

The Inspiration

The video above is so interesting to me. Please remember I am not a medical professional, Deepak Chopra is though. A lot of what he is saying is that people create the world they perceive. This includes personal health. 

The video touched on placebo. The placebo (thanks Wiki) concept is one of the stranger phenoma of the human mind! Basically we can tell ourselves that something will have an effect and we can make that effect happen. Sugar pills can have the same effect as some other perscribed med. This wouldn’t have to be meds though, in effect, any idea could be used as a placebo, right? 

That is what inspired the workout this week – titled “Exercise is my stress and pain management placebo”. Placebo or not, exercise helps me reduce stress and manage back pain! 

Stress and pain relief without a pill! 

The Music this week! From Epic Music World

The music this week is from a really good music source! I discovered the “Epic Music” genre as a student. This type of music really helps me focus. It’s good to workout with too! Epic Music World is top source for this genre of music and they post tons of awesome free, EPIC playlists on their youtube channel. Please check them out! 

This week’s playlist is titled “There is a Hero in Us” and that is part of my every day message here at 

We all write our story! We can all write a story where we become the hero! 

The Workout!

FIIT Burner: 40X20 x 16

We will need our interval timers for this set. We are doing 16 intervals of 40 seconds “on” and 20 seconds “off”. These are FIIT intervals. FIIT = Flow Intensity Interval Training. Work at 85% of max intensity for the 40 seconds. Work at 65% max intensity for the 20 seconds. During the 20 seconds just jog in place, or do a boxer shuffle. I mix in a few rounds of “fake jump rope”. Just move like you have a jump rope. 

During the 40 seconds, do these eight exercises – repeat:

1. Moving Warrior One Flow – Using dynamic resistance continuously move in alternating Warrior One poses. 

2. Moving Warrior Two Flow – same thing, dynamic resistance on! Alternate left and right legs in front, switch the arms front and back. Twist at the waist as you alternate. I keep my arms straight out and try to STRRRRETCH out my finger tips the whole time. 

3. 1-2 combos for 40 seconds! NON-STOP. JAB! CROSS! 

4. Sumo Walk – This is like a deep squat, then you come up on one leg. Then another deep squat and come up on the other leg. Keep going for 40 seconds. Work at your perceived 85% max intensity. 

5. Alternating (Thai-style) Front Kicks. “Hi-YA!” haha! Do you even “Kung Fu?”. Have some fun! 

6. Yoga Dips – Continuous transition from down dog to up dog. I hold each for 3-5 breathes. Maybe add in a slow push up and “chatarunga”. 

7. Speed Skater – Move like the olympic speed skaters. It’s like running in place, but pretending to speed skate. ** If you have knee issues maybe skip this one and replace it with a different cardio exercise. 

8. Start in a mountain pose – go to forward fold – then move hand to knees and flatten back – breathe a few breaths at each pose. Continue through the 40 seconds. DEEEEP Breathes! 

Run through this twice for the whole FIIT Burner.

If you want some help with the yoga poses this link to is a helpful resource. I am not trying to get crazy with yoga poses right now. I am just doing beginner stuff as I gain strength. Thanks to for the index of beginner poses! 

Resistance Band FIIT Tabata Burner - 20X10 X 24 or "RBFTB"

For this set of “RBFTB” we will need our interval timers set to 24 reps of 20X10. 

I am using my resistance band set – Flexible Sport – purchased on amazon for around $20. This set is an essential part of my home gym. I am not an amazon associate, so I am not linking it. This is a great product. You can do lots of different workouts. Fitness does not have to cost you a lot of money.

The workout will be eight exercises during the 20 seconds and light jogging in place during the 10 seconds. I anchor my resistance band set to my spin bike. You could anchor to a door way or heavy object like a couch.

Do these eight exercises at 85% max exersion: I use the black band, 30lbs, in the Flexible Sports set. Repeat three times for the whole Burner Set. 

** I might try adding the yellow band to the last 8 intervals. The Flexible Sports band set has different bands that represent a different weight. The yellow adds 10lbs of resistance to the black. That’s what’s cool about the set! Yellow = 10lbs, Green = 15lbs, Red = 20lbs, Blue = 25lbs, and Black = 30lbs. One could add as much or as little resistance as they want. Home Gym – for about $20! 

1. Butterflies – face away from anchor – arms in a T straight out at sides – pull hands to straight in front of chest – should feel this contracting pectoral muscles. 

2. Reverse Butterflies – basically the same moves as above, but face towards the anchor. 

3. Standing Bench Press

4. Pull Backs

*In “fighter stance” for these next few. 

5. 1-2 punch combos 

6. Holding both handles in Right – Big Right Hands

7. Hoding both handles in left – Big Left Hands – from lefty fighter stance. 

*back to regular stance

8. Bicept Curls – I do this facing away from the anchor position. 

Repeat X3 for 24 total intervals 

Spin Bike Session - 40X20 X 16 - fiit ftp INTERVALS

For this spin bike set we will need our interval timers set to 16 reps of 40X20. We are riding at 85% of FTP during the 40 seconds and at 65% of FTP during the 20 seconds. 

If you are not familiar with “FTP” it means “functional threshold of power”. It is a concept of your percieved exersion. Check out this video from GCN for more. I talk about GCN a ton, I do it because doing the workout videos on the GCN YouTube channel helped me get in shape and change my life. They have tons of great content. It’s all free. I am not paid to promote them. I just do it because it’s true! Please check their stuff out! 

Nothing too tough here folks – 16 FIIT intervals of 40 on, 20 off. Find your flow! 

MAke it a great week

There you have it every one! The WOW! The Workout of the Week for the week of 1/7/19. The Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra talk goes pretty deep. That stuff makes my imagination go wild. If nothing else, interesting concepts. You can form your opinion of the concepts. My own experience tells me that some of those concepts have value. For the purposes of the placebo concept in this post, exercise releives my stress and pain. It’s my pain and stress placebo. Combined with eating right, I think it’s the only real “magic pill”. Thank you SO MUCH for reading! Thank you to all the amazing free content providers! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! 

Be happy and healthy, my friends. Be the Hero in your story.

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