The WOW! – The “FIIT Tabata Burners Workout”

The WOW! – The “FIIT Tabata Burners Workout”

Good Morning Readers! The WOW! – Workout of the Week for 12/10/18 is what I am calling the “FIIT Tabata Burners Workout”. This workout will include two different Tabata workouts, a 30x30x30 spin bike routine, and an ASOT free spin! 

Before we get into the workout, I want to talk about something that is more important than working out. That is Nutrition! I found a great video from Gravity Transformations that talks all about some of the best foods to eat and why. Please check the video and show these folks some support. They have lots of free content at Gravity Transformations – show them some love fro doing what they do! Food Rule Numero UNO! 

The F’s of Food

The F’s of food is more about WHERE food comes from than what the food is. Nutrient-dense foods are usually foods that come from a Farm, a Forest, or a Field. Foods that lack nutrients are foods that usually come from a Factory or a Fast Food place. 

Apply the 80/20 rule to The F’s of Food

Apply the 80/20 rule. 

80% of the time eat foods that came from a farm, or a forest, or a field

If you want to eat the other stuff, from factories and fast food places, do it only 20% of the time or less. 

Applying this simple rule is an easy way to get nutrient-dense foods and stop eating empty calories, and chemicals, and whatever else goes into the factory and fast food foods. 

Music and the Motivation for the Week

Music: ASOT Episode 893

Armin has another great episode of ASOT this week. Episode 893 is as epic and uplifting as ever! Please support Armin as he gets close to episode 900! This dude has been providing amazing music for free, for years. ASOT is perfect music for HIIT or interval training. Please show Armin some love by checking him out on YouTube, Spotify, or wherever you get your music!

 The Motivation: Motivation Addicts – Jocko Willink

As I was writing this workout Sunday Morning, I was looking for a great motivational video to include. I came across this video from Motivation Addicts – that features Jocko Willink. Check out the Jocko Podcast to learn about how to be a real leader! This guy is one tough dude and he will teach you lessons about accountability, leadership, honor, and everything else that will make you a hero in your story. 

The Workout

M, W, F – Morning Routine – “FIIT Tabata Burner” 

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning – We will be doing “FIIT Tabata Burners”. You will need your interval timers. We will be doing 24 total reps of 20×10. Set your timer for 8 and take a 30 second to one-minute break between rounds if you want. Or, just burn through all 24 with no break. Either way is cool. Work hard during the 20 seconds, just move around during the 10 second rest period. 

I am doing FIIT intervals. This means working at 85% max during the 20-seconds of work, and then move around at about 60% during the 10 seconds of rest. I am doing a light boxer shuffle during the “rest”. 

I am doing this workout with my “double gloves” – wearing both my 1lbs Meister gloves and my 1lbs Ringside gloves. If you do not have gloves, GET SOME. Or just workout without them. One could sub-in hand weights, soup cans, or really anything that you have two of that weigh 1lbs and you can fit in or on your hands. 1lbs Weighted gloves don’t sound like they do much, but they do. They will help burn more calories, increase hand-speed, and develop muscle tone. 

FIIT Tabata Burner Set – #1 

  1. Walking Lunge
  2. 1-2-punch, pivot combos – punch, punch, pivot 1/4 turn, then repeat in a circle
  3. Squats
  4. 1-2-3-4 punch combos
  5. Jumping Jacks
  6. 3-4 (hooks), pivot combos – see #2 for “pivot” part
  7. Squat jump to tuck jumps
  8. Alternating front kicks 

Repeat 3 times for the full workout! 

M, W, F – Evening Spin

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be doing a 30x30x30 spin session. 

Set your interval timer for 30 reps of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. I am doing FIIT intervals – 85% max FTP during the 30 seconds of work, and 60% max FTP during the 30 seconds of rest. 

Tuesday and Thursday 

Morning – Tabata Burners 

This is the same routine I did last week on M, W, F. Do FIIT intervals. Use a 20X10 inverval timer. 85% max during the 20 seconds, move around at about 60%, doing a boxer shuffle, during the 10 seconds.

FIIT Tabata Burner Set – #2

  1. Spiderman Pushups
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. “Yoga dip” pushups
  4. Burpees
  5. Squat
  6. Sumo Walk 
  7. Alternating Front Kicks
  8. Forearm flat-planks to pushups

Repeat 3 times for the full “Burner workout”. 

Tuesday and Thursday Evening Spin 

Crank up some ASOT and set a timer for at least 30 minutes. I am doing a free spin on my bike. I just kind of follow the beats of the show and work hard when the beats are fast, then rest up while they are talking or playing slower music. This is a great HIIT style workout, just spinning with the beats of ASOT! 

If you don’t have a bike, just move around, dance, boxer shuffle, or walk/jog in place. 30 minutes of cardio like this will do amazing things for your mood and it will rev up your metabolism for hours! 

Have an awesome week! 

There we have it, friends. This has been The WOW! – The Workout of the Week for 12/10/18. The “FIIT Tabata Burners Workout”. Thank you so much for reading. A HUGE thank you to all the free content providers. Please check them out and support them for doing what they do!

Be happy and healthy my friends! Remeber – Be the hero in your story! 

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