The WOW – The FIIT Training Continues Workout

Good Morning! The WOW – Workout of the Week – from is  a continued FIIT training workout. This workout will include a killer spin bike workout from CTXC, a 30X30X20 freestyle shadow boxing routine, a FIIT tabata workout, and a power yoga video workout. 

FIIT Training 

FIIT = Flow Intensity Interval Training. 

FIIT training is an idea that I have been working out with lately. I love interval training, but doing HARD, ALL-OUT intervals every day is tough on the body. I want to workout every day. I just feel good when I do this. So, instead of maxing out every day and then burning out, I have been doing “FIIT” workouts. This pretty much allows me to train every day. 

Flow intensity is a bit of an abstract and subjective concept. Flow is like the state of mind a person is in when they have the optimal level of stimuli, challenge, and effort where they hit a flow state. I dove deeper on this subject in a past post. Here is the link if you want to know more on the topic. 

The Music – Zen V – from Pulse 8

Getting back to Flow Intervals or FIIT training, I need some music to keep me in the zone. Zen Chillstep is an interesting musical genre that I stumbled across a few years ago. Chillstep is great Flow music for me. I think this music helps put me in Flow. 

Pulse 8 has a great Youtube channel with many original mixes like the featured one this week. The content is free. The videos have awesome artwork behind them. There is no reason not to check out this cool free content provider! 

The Mon, Wed, Friday Workout

Morning – FIIT Tabata Burner 

The morning workout for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be a FIIT Tabata Burner. Set you interval timers for 24 reps of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Work at 85% max intensity during the 20 seeconds, and doing a boxer shuffle or other light cardio movement, at about 60% max intensity during the 10 seconds. 

The Set – 24 reps of 20X10 

  1. Walking Yoga Lunges with dynamic arm resistance  – Arms start as a T – then stretch straight up to “Touchdown” position – using dynamic resistance.
  2. Spiderman Push-ups
  3. Squats
  4. Yoga Dip Push-ups – This is basically a transition from down dog to up dog and back
  5. Burpees
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Elbow planks to push-ups 
  8. Alternating Front Kicks

Repeat X3 for the whole set. 

Evening Workout

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening I will be doing a killer spin bike video from CTCX. CTXC has some really good workout videos. These interval training videos are great to get in shape, boost energy, and will keep you buzzing for hours after the workout. Please be sure to check out all the great free videos from CTXC! 

Tuesday and Thursday 


In the morning on Tuesday and Thursday, I am doing some more FIIT training. Set your interval timers for 20 reps of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. 

This is going to be 30 seconds of 85% max intensity and  30 seconds of 65% max intensity. During the intense work, throw freestyle punch combos and during the 30 seconds of less intense work, do defensive movements and boxer shuffle. If you have weighted gloves, wear them! If you don’t have any, GET SOME! 😉 

Evening – 20X30X30  FIIT intverals and Power Yoga!

Tuesday and Thursday evening will be 20 reps of 30X30 FIIT intervals of the spin bike – or sub in any cardio doing 20 reps. Work at 85% of your FTP during the intense work, and 65% of your FTP during the less intense work. 

Power Yoga – Yoga With Adriene 

After the Spin bike/ cardio it’s time to STRRRRETCH out with some power yoga! Yoga with Adriene is quickly becoming one of my favorite yoga sources. Adriene is funny, does great instruction, has easy to follow routines, and a super-cool dog hanging out with her! 

This great yoga video, and coutnless others can be found on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube Channel. PLEASE – check out this great free content and try some yoga. 

I will say, I never thought I would ever do yoga. I decided to try it after hearing about DDP yoga. BEST THING I have ever done for myself. I can pretty much eliminate back pain and stress in about twenty minutes. Pain relief without a pill my friends!

There you have it, The WOW for the week of 12/17/18, from Thank you SO MUCH for reading! Thank you to all the amazing free content providers! Please, show them some love. Be happy and healthy my friends! Be the hero in your story! 



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