The WOW – “The FIIT Workout”

The WOW – “The FIIT Workout”

The WOW is a little late this week. I blame the Akrasia Effect! Better late than never though. This is “The FIIT Workout” from

It is Thanksgiving week. The best-holiday-ever, in my opinion! Thanksgiving is about having an attitude of gratitude; something I strive for in my life. Sometimes I win in that struggle and sometimes I don’t. I continue to try though! Working out helps me win the battle more times than not! 

For this week’s workouts, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are part of my normal work week and I will be doing a morning workout and an evening spin.

Thursday and Friday will be a little different because I will not be going into the office. I have a pre-morning workout planned for Thanksgiving day and a Friday workout planned: to burn off all the food I am going to eat! 🙂

*Quick definition: “FIIT” = Flow Intensity Interval Training. 

I want to workout in a flow state. It’s an interesting concept that I talked about a few WOWs ago. I will try to keep explaining as I go in this post but if it’s unclear, check out this post. If it’s still unclear, leave me a comment! 🙂 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Workout

I am doing the same routine three days in a row to start the week. Here are the morning and evening sets


“FIIT” Intervals. FIIT = Flow Intensity Interval Training. The idea is to work at about 85% max intensity during the intense interval and about 65% intensity during the less intense interval. For these sets, intervals will be 30 seconds on, and 30 seconds off; and we are doing 20 total rounds. You will need an interval timer. I use the android “interval timer” app on my phone. 

The workout is 20 rounds of 30 on, 30 off. I will be doing freestyle shadow boxing moves for the intervals. During the intense work it will be 4-punch combos, with some rounds of squats, kicks, and high knees. During the less intense it will be head-bobs, ducks, slips, and counter-punches; defensive type movements. 

I am using my Meister brand 1lbs gloves for this workout. These gloves fit great and provide an added element to the “FIIT” workout.

Meister 1lb weighted gloves 


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Evenings I will be running through a classic 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, spin bike interval routine. 

This GCN video is a great 30 on, 30 off session. It is a sprint session, there are two big reps, but a nice break in the middle. My take on this video is that I will be riding in “Flow ” intervals; 85% during the sprint, 65% during the recovery periods, and then during the middle break I always do a full minute of out the saddle, standing and spinning. 

GCN has a pretty cool YouTube channel. If you are at all into spinning, cycling, or just want a little info/entertainment on the subject, they have TONS of free content at GCN. Doing spin bike videos like this one CHANGED MY LIFE. Please check out the content at GCN!

Turkey Day Workout! 

Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday. It’s one of the few days where I eat what-ever-the-heck-I-want. I don’t totally come off the rails, but I relax the rules! In preparation for that, I gotta do a morning workout. Like all the WOWs, I will be doing a fasted-state cardio workout. 

Fasted-state cardio is something I should talk about more. I need to do more research before I dive into the topic though. I have been doing all my morning workouts in a fasted-state cardio as part of my morning routine for months. I think the results are very positive. I need to be better versed on this topic before I can write about it though! More to come… 

The Turkey Day Sets – Double FIITs

The workout will be 80 total intervals of 20 seconds at 85% intensity, followed by 10 seconds at 65% intensity. There will be a two-minute break at interval 40.

40 Freestyle Shadowboxing FIITS

I am going to double up my gloves – wearing both my 1lbs Ringside and 1lbs Meister gloves for this workout, as I did in last weeks WOW. 

40 intervals of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds of. 

Throw 4-Punch combos at 85% max intensity during the 20 second periods. Add in a few intervals of squat jumps, knees, kicks, hurdles (I jump over my spin bike as a hurdle), or other full-body movements. 

Do ducks, slips, fakes, and defensive movements at about 65% max intensity during the 10 second periods. 

Take no more than a two-minute break at interval 40. Drink some water. If you have gloves, take em off. AAAAaaand get ready for 40 more intervals! 

40 Tabata Intervals – Spin bike or choice of cardio 

Then I am going for 40 intervals on the spin bike. These will be “flow” intervals, so I am riding at 85% max intensity for the 20 seconds, and 65% max intensity during the 10 seconds. 

**Please remember to consult a doctor before starting an interval training program. Be smart and be safe! 🙂 

Friday – Work off all those carbs!

I love all the food at Thanksgiving, but don’t normally eat carbs. A day of binging might have some wierd effects on me. I think if I burn them off the next day with a big workout, it might help!

The workout will start with a couple quick tabatas, followed by a one-hour “flow” spin, and will finish it off with a power yoga video! YEAH! That should burn through some of those carbs! Right…? 

Tabata video

There are some really good, quick, and effective tabata videos out there. Here is one that I will be doing twice to start this workout off. 

A State of “FLOW” – Spin Bike

For the spin session in this workout, I am setting a timer for one hour. Then I am going to crank up the latest episode of ASOT from Armin! Armin’s radio show, A State of Trance, is absolutely amazing. I listen on Spotify and YouTube. Armin’s amazing music has uplifted my life for years. Please check out his free content! 

I am calling this a flow spin because I just go with beats that naturally happen with Armin’s show. They play a few songs, the tempo usually goes up and down, then they break and talk, then pick up the tempo again. It is PERFECT for FIIT or HIIT interval training. I am riding up to about 95% max intensity during the high BMP parts, and slowing down to about 50% during the talking sections of the show. 

Do some Power-Yoga, Bro! 🙂 

Yoga is pretty awesome. If you have never done it, I suggest trying it for a month as part of your morning routine. I feel like it centers me when I do it. It also has done wonders for relieving back pain. Power yoga is more about the moves and less about the “WOOO” of yoga. It should get you sweating pretty good!

This is a great power yoga video that I will be doing to finish off this carb burning workout. Sean Vigue has a great YouTube channel. This one came from HASfit. Please check out both free content providers and support their free content!

There you have it, friends! The WOW! – The workout of the week: “The FIIT Workout”. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Be Safe! Be happy and healthy my friends! And be the hero in your story! 

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