The WOW! – The “Find Your “Balance” Workout”

The WOW! – The “Find Your “Balance” Workout”

Hello there friends! This is The WOW! – The Workout of the Week, for the week of 1/14/19. To kick off another week of AWESOMENESS we have a great workout, plus a little more in store! This is “The Find Your “Balance” Workout”!

First, I want to ask a quesstion. Do you DDPY?

DDPY = DDP Yoga.

That’s right, I am talking about DDP Yoga, or I think they are calling it just “DPPY” now.

I never thought I would ever try yoga. I stumbled across the Arthur video one day and was blown away. After years of living a sedentary life and carrying excess “Elbees” (pounds), then years of spin bike workouts, I thought yoga might help with my minorly-irritating back pain. Seeing Arthur’s change inspired me to check out DDP Yoga.

I decided to see if I could find any DDP Yoga workouts on YouTube. I found a few routines and tried them. “Diamond Cutters” become a regular element of my personal workouts.

Diving Deeper into the “Yoga Thing”.

The discovery of DDP Yoga led me to read a couple books about yoga.

**Note I did not lose weight doing DDPY. I lost 90lbs BEFORE finding this stuff. It probably would not have taken me three years if I had found this sooner! I can tell you I have noticed a lot more muscle definition since doing “yoga-stuff” for about 6 months.

***Also note I am not paid to promote DDPY. I am just being honest about how I found this resource, and how it has helped me.

I started looking for other free YouTube yoga videos. Common search terms were “dude yoga”, “yoga for guys”, “power yoga” and other searches of that sort. I found a lot of really great beginner stuff.

Finding Balance

Better than anything else, doing “yoga-stuff” has resulted in an increasing level of “balance” in my life.

Balance is in quotations because I am talking about the concept of balance on several levels.

Body Weight Strength

Literally, yoga will help you find physical balance in your body. Much of it is gaining strength through body weight mastery. One could argue, owning strength over your personal body weight is the most important type of strength. Being able to lift one’s own body is a useful application of strength. “Yoga stuff” has grown my ability to lift my body weight.

This strength grows out from the core. A good practice can help one grow stronger in all muscles through the whole body. “Yoga-stuff” is one of the best total body workout formats I have found.

Deeper Balance

At another level of “balance”, yoga-stuff seems to connect me to my “self”. It’s like there is a connection of mind, body, and spirit that is enacted when doing these workouts. It’s hard to explain.


Breathing is part of it. Breathing provides a centering, almost calming experience. Yoga involves some breathing techniques that can accomplish different things. Some techniques are calming while other techniques will make you sweat – just from breathing!

When I feel overwhelmed I have been trying to remind myself to just breathe. It usually works! When something seems hard, intense, or difficult to overcome; I have been reminding myself to stop, take a few breathes, and then look at the situation again. After that, things aren’t as bad.

I am by no means a “zen master” (whatever such a thing “really” is) or anything. Stress management is a “practice”. Breathing and breathing techniques picked up doing yoga help the “practice”. My goal is to get better at this stuff daily. Just reminding myself to breathe, helps accomplish better reactions. This helps me with a concept called “thinking beyond the lizard brain”!

The Music this week: Mix Hound – Melodic Dubstep!!!

Mix Hound has a great YouTube channel that features some awesome music to help you find the “zone”. This week I am working out with the Best Melodic Dubstep Gaming Mix of 2017! I know it’s a little older, it’s cool though, great mix! Check out all of Mix Hounds free content on their YouTube page here!

Celtic Warrior Workouts – DDPY Episode

I found a really good, free DDPY workout, on Sheamus’ YouTube show – Celtic Warrior Workouts. Sheamus is a top WWE talent (thanks wiki). He has been one of the best for a while! He has a pretty fun YouTube workout show. The DDPY episode has a cool free workout with DDP, Sheamus, and the Fit Finlay Family! Check out this great, free beginner DDPY workout!

I cannot wait to check out some other Celtic Warrior Workout episodes. He has one with JEFF HARDY and John Cena, along with many other SuperStars! I really like Sheamus’ show. Check out more here at the Celtic Warrior Workout YouTube page!

The Workout!

I will be doing this routine everyday this week!

Fasted-state cardio – FIIT Tabata Burner – Free Style w/weighted gloves – 24 X 20×10.

Here we go!!! Morning fasted-state cardio:

Set your interval timers for 24 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. FIIT – Flow Intensity Interval Training – 85% of max intensity for 20 seconds, 65% of max intensity for 10 seconds.

20-second interval – Freestyle punch combos. I mix in a few rounds of different “kung fu” style kicks. Do you even kung fu? 🙂 Have some fun with it! I also mix in some other stuff like a round of squats, sumo walks, moving warrior poses, and alternating “TD Lunges”. It’s Freestyle! Do what feels good! Work at 85% max.

10-second interval – Defensive type boxer shuffle movements. I alternate in some rounds of “fake jump rope” too. Work at 65% max.

Repeat for 24 total reps or 3 Tabata sets. You could do 8 reps, 3 times, and take up to a minute break in between rounds if you want. Get in 24 total intervals to get the full “FIIT Tabata Burner”.

I will be using my Meister Brand weighted boxing gloves – not a paid promo – but you can get these on Amazon or anywhere Meister stuff is sold. Mine were around $20! These gloves fit great and add a great element to my home gym workouts! — they should really pay me to write this stuff! 🙂

GCN Bike video!

Jumping right into this bike video after the freestyle intervals!

I have not done a NEW GCN bike workout in a while so I searched for a new one to try out. This one is a great SPRINT VIDEO! Woooo! been a while since I have done the Flat-out sprints. This one will get your metabolism fired up! Check out all the awesome content from GCN here on their GREAT YouTube Channel!

Then the yoga

Right after that, I am jumping into one of two yoga workouts.

This yoga mat set was about $20 on amazon. Reehut made a great product – came with mat, mat towel, hand towel, strap, 2 blocks, and a carrying strap. All for you need to start doing “yoga-stuff” for under “20 bones!”.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning I will be the DDPY workout from Celtic Warrior.

On Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing a new yoga workout series that I started last week. This one is from another great “Yoga YouTuber”: Yoga With Adriene!

Last week I did “day 1” and “day 2” of the new “30 Day Dedicate Series. I am not doing these every day, but plan to mix them into my routine! Adriene is an awesome Yoga teacher. I like doing these videos because she is super-chill, funny and witty, and she does a great job explaining things! Yoga With Adriene is a great source for free yoga workouts!


Thank you for reading! Thank you to all the amazing free content providers! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!

“Yoga-stuff” has helped me find “balance” in my life. Maybe trying it could help you too! Either way, thank you SO MUCH for reading! Be happy and healthy my friends! Remember, we are the authors of our story in this life! Be the Hero (or Heroine!) in the story you write!

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