The WOW! – “The It’s Your Life… Workout!”

The WOW! – “The It’s Your Life… Workout!”

Alright friends, here we are again! Another week behind us and a new one to look forward to! Let’s make it awesome! To kick off another week of awesomeness we have a great workout, plus a little more in store for you! This is the “Its Your Life… Workout”. This is The WOW! – The Workout of the Week for the week of 1/21/19.

The Inspiration for this week’s workout!

I am writing this Sunday morning. I woke up this morning and decided to read book #2 of the free books I found in a throw-away bin at work. This one is 212 Degrees. Its pretty light on the reading side but goes pretty deep with the message. It even came with a (never opened) DVD that summarizes the main ideas of the book.

212 Degrees was written by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson. You can find out more about this book and the authors at

The main idea of this book is a simple metaphor about water. At 211 degrees, water is just hot water. If you raise the temp by one more degree and hit 212 degrees, water boils and is transformed into steam. Steam power changed the world!

Applied to life, the metaphor represents that one degree of change could create a HUGE CHANGE in your life, experience, and results.

212 Degrees is a short book that drives a simple idea home to the reader. Make the effort to create one degree of change and your effort that will create new results. Results that could change everything! The book has some great miny case study analogies, provides impactful quotes, and is succinct in its powerful message. Check out more by following the links!

Interview with Adriene from Yoga With Adriene

In searching for yoga-stuff to do this week, I found a really good interview with Adriene, from Yoga With Adriene. I have been doing Adriene’s videos for a couple months, so it was great to learn more about this awesome teacher! Great watch for fans of Adriene’s channel!

An impactful moment for me in this interview is when Adriene talks about setting your intentions and expectations for the day. This is sooooo on my wave length!

As I have said – we are the author of our life, we can write the story we want!

Yoga, and exercise, is like a way to set your self up to create ways to become the author who can write the story they want!

Adriene asks “How do you want to feel today?”.

Tell yourself “I choose…” and then fill in the blank with what you want your day to be!

Its Your Life…

Its your life folks! Make it what you want it to be!

Morning Routine

I did a post about my morning routine not that long ago. It involves (butter) coffee, sometimes a motivation video or a quick chapter in a book, water, a dynamic warmup, some music to find the zone, more coffee, a workout, stretching or “yoga-stuff”, more coffee (I might have a problem with coffee! lol), and then the rest of my day.

I use that workout and “yoga-stuff” to center myself and focus on my expectations for the day I want to create.

I still have challenges and issues and problems. It’s not like this is a way to never experience challenges and problems. What this does though, is it gives me the perspective to know that I can take on those challenges when I encounter them. I set my expectations and intentions up to know that when those challenges come I can face and overcome them.

It’s your life… choose to set up expectations in it where you do the things the hero does! Take on challenges and think beyond the lizard brain to overcome those challenges!

The Music! Lunacy Chillout: Your Daily Dose of Chill Music

I have been listening to mixes on Lunacy Chillout’s YouTube channel all week. Check out all the free mixes and show some love to this cool music content provider! I listen to these mixes at work (when possible) to help me focus too!

This week I am working out to their Day’s Gone| Beautiful Chillstep 2018 Mix. Check it out!

The Workout!

Dynamic Warmup!

As always, do a dynamic warm-up BEFORE starting a workout. I do this one from FightTips pretty much every day. FightTips has a great YouTube channel, Check them out! Maybe stick up for an underdog! *** note – does NOT condone fighting, but we do think people should know how to defend them self if they need to – fightTips could help you out if you don’t know how! 🙂

FIIT Tabata Burner – 24 x 20×10 – Freestyle

Once warmed up, get those interval timers set for 24 intervals of 20 on and 10 off. We are doing another freestyle FIIT Tabata Burner. FIIT = Flow Intensity Interval Training. The basic idea is work at about 85% max intensity during the 20 seconds and work at about 65% max intensity during the 10 seconds.

20-second intervals – throw punch combos, mix in some front kicks, some squats, a few rounds of “sumo walk”, maybe a round or two of diamond cutters. 85% intensity – HAVE SOME FUN – Do you even “Kung FU”? “HIYAAA!” lol

10-second intervals – boxer shuffle, “fake-jump-rope” type stuff. 65% max intensity

24 intervals of 20 on, 10 off. Or if you want, you could do 8 intervals, three times, with no more than a one-minute break between sets. 24 total FIIT Tabata intervals.

I am wearing my Meister brand gloves. These gloves are great for increasing hand speed and gaining muscle strength and tone! If you don’t have a set of weighted gloves, GET SOME! 🙂

Bike Intervals – 10 x 40×20 – One Degree More!

Right after the FIIT Burner set, I am jumping on the bike for some “40/20s”. Change your interval timer to 10 sets of 40×20. This is only 10 minutes of work people!

SPRINT for 40 seconds, recover for 20 seconds, repeat 10 times. No excuses, no breaks, JUST WORK! In the spirit of the book 212 Degrees – Push a little harder!

These reps will get your metablism revved up and keep you “buzzin” for hours!

STRRRRRRETCH it out with some yoga for cyclists

Right after the 40/20s I am jumping into one of two yoga routines.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be doing this great video I found from Yoga with Adriene, all about doing yoga for cyclists.

Tuesday and Thursday I found another great routine for cyclists from Fluid Yoga’s YouTube Channel. 

This channel has hours of free yoga videos so please check them out!

Here is the one I am doing this week – Yoga for Cyclist with Kevan Gale


There you have it folks, The WOW – the Workout of the Week, for the week of 1/21/19. This is “The its Your Life… Workout” from

Folks, it is your life!

We are all writing our story in this life.

Write a story where you do the things that the hero (or heroine) does.

Try setting your intentions. Create expectations for yourself. Know that you can overcome challenges. Think outside of the lizard brain! If you want to know more about this, check out Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Joe Dispenza and of course – Adriene from Yoga With Adriene!

Be happy and healthy my friends. Be the hero in your story!

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