The WOW – The Living in MinneSNOWta Workout!

The WOW – The Living in MinneSNOWta Workout!

Hello, my friends! I hope everyone had an awesome week. To kick off another week of awesomeness, this is The WOW – The Workout of the Week, for the week of 2/25/19. This is “The Living in MinneSNOWta Workout”, from

This week we are going to talk about, you guessed it, SNOW. It has been snowing like crazy around here this week. I am writing this post on Sunday morning and it snowed another few inches overnight. It sounds like more is coming.

I have been shoveling all week! I have been trying to make the best of it though. I have turned snow shoveling into a FIIT Tabata Burner interval workout!

Wednesday – Shoveled twice – at least 5 inches each time

I shoveled twice on 2/20, we got about 10 inches of snow, I think. It was about 5 inches each shoveling event.

Thursday morning I went to go to work, after shoveling twice on Wednesday, to find that the plow had gone by in the night and left a 5 foot wide by 3 foot tall, driveway width, blockade of “road sludge” at the end of the driveway. This heavy, wet, 1/3 ice, 1/3 slush, and 1/3 snow.

That Darn Snow Plow!

When you shoveled 10-plus inches of snow and cleaned the driveway up nice; only to go out for work the next day to realizes the plow went by overnight!
“D’OH! That Darn Plow! … Ok… Just Breathe dude – Turn it into a Workout!” 🙂

Ok, FIND Your BREATH Dude!

*My inner monologue was something like this …

OK, ****Breeeeeathe! Snow plow guy was doing his job. His job benefits the greater good! It keeps the roads safer for everyone. Everyone’s driveway gets blocked in by the plow. Breathe again!

After “centering myself”, I then did a few DDPY Diamond Cutters – to loosen up my sore (from shoveling) wrists, forearms, and shoulders and get some blood flowing. Got my winter gear all on (winter gear – on a budget – pics below). Then pushed throw a bunch of snow!

S – Say

N – Nothing

O – Owns my

W – World or attitude but me!

Turn Snow Shovelling into a Workout! 🙂

I decided to turn on my interval timer and clear the driveway to some Tabata intervals. Using FIIT Tabata Interval Principles: I cleared the snow for 20 seconds, took a 10-second rest, then clear for another 20 seconds, repeated 8 times for one Tabata interval.

Then I took about a minute break. After the one-minute break, I scooped and tossed the snow I previously pushed to the sides for another 8 round FIIT Tabata set.

**We have so much snow you have to throw it over the already piled up snow walls of the driveway. If I didn’t we wouldn’t be able to see when backing out of the driveway because we have snow piled so high!

I was able to clear 5 inches deep of snow from the whole driveway in 5 total Tabata intervals.

I did then a “Zamboni round”, clearing any lingering snow, walking slowly for about five minutes, pushing the shovel, to finish up and cool down.

I worked up a good sweat! I was half an hour later to work than normal. Not a huge deal though. I had a pretty awesome day after that! I turned a frustrating moment into an empowering and fun workout.

Attitude is Everything!

Here at, one of the core beliefs is that attitude is everything. There are many things in life we cannot control. We CAN control our attitude. By working to have a positive attitude we work to give ourselves a positive experience in life, no matter what happens with all those other things we cannot control.

On Thursday, I could’ve stayed angry about the plow blocking me in. I was half an hour late for work, after all. However, I didn’t let it kill my day. I owned it. Got it done. Turned it into something positive.

There are always things could bring us down. Those things happen regardless of our wants. We cannot control most of what happens. Don’t let things you cannot control kill your day by letting them kill your positive attitude!

Instead, know that we can control how those things affect us. We control that by controlling our attitude. Attitude makes our live experience what it is. Attitude is internal. Attitude can be controlled by each person. Our attitude in this life shapes our experiences in this life! It contributes to the voice that writes the story of our personal experience.

You control your attitude. Make it a good one! 🙂

The Music

For the music this week, I want to share another great “Chill Hop” mix. Chill Hop music has a great beat with some cool jazz sounds mixed in. It’s perfect for Flow FIIT boxing intervals!

The YouTube Channel The Jazz Hop Cafe has some really good mixes. This one called Monday Motivation is perfect for finding your Flow! Please check out this cool content provider! They do three mixes a month and you can find them on YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms. They have TONS of great tunes!

The Workout!

Freestyle Boxing with some kicks – 20×10 X 24

To start off the workout this week we will need interval timers set to Tabata intervals: 20X10. It will be three full Tabata length rounds. 24 total intervals or you could set the timer to 8 X 20X10 and take up to 1-minute break between each round.

The workout will consist of freestyle punches and moves during the 20-seconds. Combos, ducks, in a fighter shuffle, throw in some Thai-style/kickboxing knees and kicks. Shadow boxing type stuff! Then I do boxer shuffle and “fake jump rope” during the 10-seconds. Maybe a round or two of “sumo walks” and TD Lunges mixed in. I also do “jump-tuck-hurdles” over my bike for a round or two. : )

Freestyle, Yo! Do you even Kung Fu, Dude? — if not, try it.

Have some fun. Get your sweat on. If you have weighted gloves, use them. If not, sub in hand weights, something else that weighs about 1lbs, or just go without.

I will do one day this week with double-gloves!

Spin Bike or Cardio

I am going to alternate days this week between 40/20s on my spin bike and a cool “walking workout” video that anyone can do!


40/20s – FIIT Principles: 85% max FTP for 40 seconds, 65% max FTP for 20 seconds. I am doing 40×20 X 15, for a quick 15 minute interval spin.

Alternate Cardio – Cool Video Workout Almost Anyone Can do at Home

Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home videos are great for anyone looking for a light cardio workout to get a quick exercise in. You don’t need anything to do this stuff. Just walk! It’s fun!

Stretch Out, Breathe, Relax – With Some Power Yoga

To wrap up the workout I am sharing another great routine from one of my YouTube favorites, The Awesome Sean Vigue, with a great 20-minute power yoga workout. Sean is funny, does a good job explaining, and has great workouts that a beginner like me can do. These are not super-advanced Yogi moves. It’s important to ease into poses and not force anything. Remember to breathe. This routine is great for after a cardio workout.

Winter Gear – On a Budget!

This year I got all new winter gear. My boots and gloves were the most expensive. The toes and fingers are the first things to get cold and the hardest to keep warm.

  • Nortiv 8 Boots – $46.00 – Amazon
    • These are rated for -25 degrees
    • Waterproof
    • Lightweight
    • Made for Hiking
  • Icearmor by Clam – Gloves – $40 – Gander MTN
    • You NEED warm gloves in MN
  • Snow Pants – Outdoor Gear – $34 – Dicks Sporting Goods.
    • Essential for outdoor stuff in winter for both keeping warm and staying dry.
  • Jacket – Swiss Gear – $17.00 – Wal-Martian-Land
    • When really cold I wear a Mitchell and Ness hoodie as a liner and for a hood.
      • The Hoodie was free, a gift from a friend who didn’t wear it anymore.
  • Hat – Wear any hat lying around. I think every MN house has a spare hat in the closet. I have my pick of like 10 winter hats to choose from, as any “Good Minnesnowtan” should! 🙂

I recently tested all this gear out on an ice fishing trip. It was COLD. -35 degrees the first night we were there. The gear kept me warm. I spent a total of $137 on my winter gear. I tested it in the coldest temps I have ever experienced. My only complaint was my toes got a little cold. To solve that, I stuff some hand warmers up in the toes of my boots. After that, I was golden! This gear is great for ice fishing, shoveling, and even winter hiking or the rare winter disc golf round!

Make it a Great Week!

Thank you all so much for reading! Thank you to the amazing free content providers. Please be sure to support them! If you live in a place that gets snow, remember to drive safely and don’t let the shoveling get you down. Maybe try some Diamond Cutters, or other wrist exercises to loosen up those rarely used muscles if you get sore like me!

Attitude is important. It is the voice in our head that controls how we speak inside our mind. This controls the tone of every aspect of our lives. Attitude dictates the voice that writes the story of our lives. It creates the experience for us and sets how that experience affects us.

While attitude does all of that, we control our attitude. Have the attitude that you will do the things that the hero would do if your life was a story and you were trying to become a hero. Know that the hero of your story is in you.

For me, that all started when I made an effort, every day, to try to have a positive attitude. Be happy and healthy my friends! Be the hero in your story.

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