The WOW! – The “What is Tai Chi? Workout”.

The WOW! – The “What is Tai Chi? Workout”.

Good Morning All! This is The WOW! – The Workout of the Week – From, for the week of 3/4/19. This is the “What is Tai Chi? Workout”.

The post this week will include some basic info about Tai Chi and links to instructional videos to help understand some basic moves. In addition, I have created a 4-Round-workout that integrates some Tai Chi moves, FIIT freestyle intervals, bike intervals, and a yoga video.

Music always helps me find my flow. I am highlighting a great YouTube mixer this week. Be sure to check out The Music section for more about this week’s music!

So What is Tai Chi?

I have heard that Tai Chi is great for exercise, anyone can perform it, and that practicing it has many benefits.

Sounds awesome right? But what I wanted to know what Tai Chi is, and if it is something that would benefit me.

Tai Chi is…

Tai Chi is an adaptation of martial arts from China. It involves a series of slow steady movements, similar to movements that would be used in fighting, but iiiinnnnnn sssssllllooowww motion. Those practicing Tai Chi use breathing and mental focus when performing the moves.

Tai Chi is like Slow Kung Fu. It could also be considered almost like “slow yoga” (in some moves, like Warrior poses). “Kung Fu Yoga”, bro! It incorporates a lot of yoga principles, but instead of holding poses like yoga, Tai Chi is fluid and continuous movements.

It reminds me of Bruce Lee’s famous quote about being water…

Sooooo… Those are my first impressions, but I wanted to know more. I went to my favorite book resource, Audible. I found an audiobook called “Tai Chi – The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Tai Chi for Beginners in 60 Minutes or Less!” – By Simon Hiroki, narrated by Alex Valentine.

Tai Chi – The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Tai Chi for Beginners in 60 Minutes or Less! – Audible book

Notes from the Book – First Two “Intro” Chapters

  • Tai Chi Chuan – “Supreme Ultimate Fist” – Commonly called “Tai Chi”
  • Martial art consisting of a series of slow, flowing, controlled movements
  • Combat – developed 5,000 years ago as a close-quarters combat system, taught as everyday survival.
  • Meditation – mental focus training
  • Toaist (Daoist) principles
    • Ying, Yang – the intermixture of opposing forces – Hard and Soft
    • Everything in the universe is subject to change, accept change, do not fight against it, recognize it and embrace it
    • Motions should not be forced, they should result from creative impulse
  • Tai Chi Benefits:
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Aligns bones and joints in the body
    • Stimulates proper organ function
    • Aids in digestion
    • trengthens and tones muscles
    • Improves balance, coordination, breathing
    • Strong link to mental focus and meditation
    • Mind, body, and spirit connection
  • Allows Energy to flow freely through the body
  • Chi = The Energy of Life
  • Tai Chi allows for the energy of life to flow through the body

What the Mayo Clinic Says About Tai Chi

According to the Mayo Clinic, Tai Chi is generally safe for all ages and fitness levels. No equipment is needed to start practicing it. People who adopt a Tai Chi practice will realize many benefits that could positively affect health. Please check out this article from The Mayo Clinic for the whole story!

More Tai Chi Stuff!

This video is a bit slow, but it does a great job showing some basic Tai Chi moves, how to practice the moves, and why they are useful

Check out more content from Dr. Paul Lam and Tai Chi Productions on their YouTube page here! One of his big points is how Tai Chi can help with Arthritis.

Great Demo video for some basic easy moves:

This is perfect for learning some beginner moves that almost anyone could do!

Tai Chi in Combat…

**Please remember, we do not condone fighting at We do believe that if you are in a situation where you need to defend yourself, you should know how. If you need to learn some self-defense, this stuff might help! Check out More from Master Wong on his YouTube Channel for all his free content!

The Music! – Dragon Roots from The Jazz Hop Cafe

Check out more mixes from the Jazz Hop Cafe’s YouTube Channel!

The Workout! 4 Rounder

Round 1 – 20 minutes of basic Tai Chi

Round 1 of the workout is 20 minutes of basic Tai Chi Moves. If you need more help with some basic moves, check out this Wiki-How link, which shows details. I am doing some moves like those demonstrated in Dr. Lam’s video above. Remember to control your breathing. Slow movements. 20 minutes; focus on form and breathing!

Round 2 – 2 Round Tabata Freestyle – Punch and Kick Combos

Round 2 of the workout will require an interval timer. It will be two Tabata intervals. Set the timer for either 16 x 20X10 – to burn through it with no break, or 8 x 20X10 and take up to a minute break between rounds.

Use weighted gloves if you got em. Sub in 1 lbs hand weights, or just go without otherwise.

Freestyle – 20 seconds at 85% max, throwing punch and kick combos, 10 second of boxer shuffle/jog in place.

Round 3 – FIIT Tabata Spin Bike Intervals

Round 3 will keep the interval timers the same. Keep at 16 reps with no break, or at 8 with a one minute break. If taking a break, just free spin with no resistance for up to a minute.

16 intervals – 85% max FTP for 20 seconds, 65% max FTP for 10 seconds.

Round 4 – Yoga Routine

Round 4 is a great yoga routine to stretch out after the workout. Awesome routine for anyone, nothing too advanced, and great to stretch and cool down. Check out more from Yoga For Men on their YouTube Channel here!

Great after workout routine to STTTRRETCH out with! BREEEEAAATHE!

Wrap it up!

So, Tai Chi seems pretty cool! I think I am going to keep practicing for a while. I love the mind, body, spirit connection. Tai Chi promises so many benefits that it’s going to be hard for me to not get stuck on it! From the work of Dr. Lam and the info from Mayo, it sounds like Tai Chi is a great practice for all ages, but can have awesome benefits for people as they age, especially in regards to arthritis other aches and pains of the body.

I truly thank you for reading this week. A “YUGE” THANK YOU to all the awesome content providers this week!

If the Tai Chi stuff interests you, check out the links, do some research of your own, maybe try a routine and see how you like it.

Until next time, be happy and healthy my friends! Be the hero in your story!

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