The WOW: The Work it Out Workout!

The WOW: The Work it Out Workout!

Hello everyone! This is the WOW! The Workout of the Week from; The “Work it Out Workout!”. 

This week I am not getting too “WOOO-ey”. Nothing too deep. Just a flat out, good, hard, fun, intense workout session for the week. This WOW is inspired by my need to just work a few things out right now! 🙂 

Exercise Helps the Brain 

Regular exercise helps me reduce stress, helps me focus, and makes me feel better overall. I think it made me smarter when I was going to college! Maybe it helped a little anyway! Maybe BDNF really is miracle-grow for the brain?

I found an interesting video that talks about exercise and how it helps the brain from the YouTube Channel What I’ve Learned. WIL has some interesting videos, does a good job producing them, and even links in nostalgic treasures from my past, like The Simpsons, and my N64 gaming system, with its awesome 3D graphics! N64 was sweet when it came out! I played the heck out of that Zelda game. I digress… The point is, WIL has some good content. Check them out!

The Workout

Mon, Wed, Fri: Morning

Nate Bower Fitness has some of my favorite workout content on the web. His videos are top notch quality. The workouts are intense, fun, and challenging. Nate always has a great workout planned! I have been doing them for a few months and keep going back to them because of the great content. Please check out his stuff here

This week I am doing another one of his Urban Savage Shadow Boxing videos. He has four workouts in this series. They are all free. They are all awesome. This one is just a great HIIT workout! 

If you have weighted gloves, use them. If not, GET SOME! I think they add another element to these workouts. You could use hand weights, a pair of big metal bolts, or I used soup cans a few times before getting gloves. 

Meister 1lbs Weighted Gloves

My Meister brand gloves are great. You can get them just about anywhere sporting goods are sold.

Nate Bower Fitness sells gloves too, they are probably really nice, I think he said the link is in the description, and Nate’s videos are free! … just saying. 🙂 

**making a mental note to myself to look at Nate’s gloves if these Meister gloves break or something. 

Mon, Wed, Fri: Eve

The after-work workout for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week is 4 rounds of all-out Tabata on the spin bike. If you don’t have a spin bike you could do any other cardio exercise for the Tabata intervals. 

**Consult a doctor before doing any HIIT training please! 

Regular Tabata intervals. That means ALL-OUT for 20 seconds, full rest for ten seconds. Repeat 8 times for one set. This week we are doing 4 total sets or 32 intervals of 20 seconds by 10 seconds. Since these are full-out Tabata sets; I am taking one-minute breaks between each 8 interval set.  

I use my android phone app interval timer. It works perfectly for these interval workouts. And at the very reasonable price of FREE, why not get the interval timer app? I use mine every day. 

For this workout, set it to 8 rounds of 20 seconds. During the breaks, I am counting in my head “1-elephant, 2-elephant…” and going between 45 and 60. You could clock it if you wanted. 

Tuesday and Thursday: Morning

Resistance Band Routine

Keep that interval timer set the same for the morning workout on Tuesday and Thursday. This time using my resistance band set. I will be doing 4 more rounds of Tabata set, and incorporating eight different exercises for intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest with one-minute breaks between rounds. 

I anchor my resistance band to my spin bike. You could anchor to doors using the stopper that came with the set or you could anchor to any other heavy object, maybe a couch leg, for example. 

  1. Arm Curls – 20 seconds intense, 10 seconds full rest
  2. Standing Bench Press – 
     20 seconds intense, 10 seconds full rest
  3. Pull Back – Reverse Bench – 
     20 seconds intense, 10 seconds full rest
  4. 1-2 punch combos – 20 x 10
  5. Butterflies – 20 x 10
  6. Reverse Butterflies – 20 x 10
  7. Big Over-Hand Lefts – 20 x 10 
  8. Big Over-Hand Rights – 20 x 10

That’s round one. Repeat that three more times for 32 full intervals or 4 total Tabata sets. Go hard during this morning workout. Then go get your goals for the day! 

Tues and Thurs: Eve

Tuesday and Thursday after-work I will be doing power yoga. This 20-minute Power Yoga video from Sean Vigue Fitness is a nice routine. Sean Vigue Fitness is another great, free content provider who I view often. The yoga videos are easy to follow along with but provide a great challenge and workout. 

Thank you! 

Thank you all so much for reading! This has been The WOW; The Workout of the Week from A special thanks to all the awesome free content provider! They are a-maz-ing. Please check out their stuff. Be happy and healthy my friends! And become the hero in your story! 

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