The WOW: Workout of the Week – Double HIITs!

The WOW: Workout of the Week, for 9/24/18 here at is what we are calling “Double HIITs”. This week I am doing a challenging two-routine workout every morning. 


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday sets

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be doing a great freestyle shadow boxing video from Nate Bower Fitness as the first set of the “Double HIIT” sets. This video is a 60-seconds of hard work, followed by 30-seconds of light work format throughout. It will definately help you get your burn on and the free style format is totally fun. I even throw kicks and high knees into my combos! I use my Ringside brand weighted boxing gloves to add to the burn. You could use your bare hands, gloves, or hold small hand weights, whatever works for you! I have been doing different videos from Nate for months. The content and workouts  are awesome! Please check out all of their content

Then for set two I am doing a massively effective HIIT bike workout video from GCN. This workout video is really bringing back to my start. This was really the first GCN video I ever started doing. I literally did this video everyday for six months and have done this workout hundreds of times over the last three years. I think this video might be one of the best HIIT workouts I have ever done. I don’t know alot of workouts you could do hundreds of times that would still be effective. This one is. A little more about my history with this workout later on. 


The workout in this video is a great pyramid style spin session that will have you riding both in and out of the saddle. The video goes through sets of 15 second sprints, 30 second sprints, and 45 second sprints, then you go back down to 30 second sprints, and end with more 15 second sprints. Don’t worry, the sprints are followed by equal periods of rest. It’s about 20 minutes of hard work. This video still gets me sweating. Even after spinning for three years this one is still a workout I have to get in the zone for. The best thing about this workout is it’s only 20 minutes, but it will have you buzzing and have your metabolism revved up for hours after the workout! 

So that is M, W, F of the workout. A HIIT boxing freestyle video followed immediately by a super-classic HIIT challenge workout. That is a solid one hour of work. It’s two total sets of HIIT workouts. This combo will really boost you for the day. 

Tuesday and Thursday Sets

Tuesday and Thursday I am going to be doing a similar “Double-HIIT” workout with a boxing HIIT video from The Jump Rope Dudes, followed by another classic spin from GCN. These are both a little bit lighter workouts to contrast the hard MWF work. Still these are no joke and will both rev up the metabolism for the day and keep you buzzing for hours. Work hard and feel the benefits! 

There are all the videos for the Double HIIT workout session! Remember to always consult a doctor before doing a strenuous exercise program. Always warm up before a workout. I use the dynamic warm up routine I have previously posted about every day before a workout. Remember to treat yourself right and stretch after the workout too! 

Thinking about what to write about this week I was thinking about how I got started on this road to getting in shape. I remember thinking that I had to start to change my mind. I had to change the way I pictured myself. I always just thought I was going to be chubby. I started telling myself that didn’t have to be the way it was. I started doing HIIT workouts on my bike after researching the best ways to lose weight. Early in my research I found GCN. I saw the first bike video and I tried it. I couldn’t get through the standing parts at all. It took me several months to get there, but I did.

I used some psychology with myself on this video. I would pretend I was in the spin class, the only guy, with a group of good looking ladies. I told myself I could not quit in front of these ladies or they would never let me live it down. A funny way to “trick” myself into working harder. 

I also started listening to motivational speakers while doing this workout. Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, and many others. I don’t know how many times I pumped my legs to this video while listening to the Be Tougher Than Your Life Is, but I bet the number is over 100 times. The words “Don’t you dare quit, don’t you dare back down. NOT TODAY OR ANY OTHER DAY”, will retrain your mind if you are able to push through pain and make them true for your own story. Trust me they will! I suggest everyone listen to Be Tougher Than Your Life Is the next time you workout! 

Change the things you tell yourself when you are working out and you will change the way you workout forever! Many studies say the biggest limations in a workout are more mental than physical. 

I think of both of these things as psychological tricks that I used to both retrain my body and reprogram my mind. The two GCN videos shared this week are the first two HIIT videos I ever did. They are what started this whole things for me. I have lost over 90lbs and changed my life and my mind in the process! 

There you have it my friends; The WOW – Workout of the week – Double HIITs from Thank you SO MUCH for reading. Thanks to all the awesome content contributors. Please support their content. Be happy and healthy my friends!

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