The WOW! – Workout of the Week – HIITing those 40/20s

The WOW! – Workout of the Week – HIITing those 40/20s

Hey there folks! The WOW: Workout of the week for the week of 10/22/18 is what we at are calling the HIITing those 40/20s workout! 

And if you couldn’t guess from the title we are doing HIIT intervals: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.  This workout will require an interval timer. I use the “interval timer” app from the android app store on my phone. It is perfect for these workouts. 

We will have two different protocals with the 40/20 interval sets. 

  • Mon, Wed, Fri Protocal – 30 Over/under FTP Intverals – No Breaks!
  • Tues, Thurs – Resistance band training 

As always, I am doing this  warm-up video from the awesome people over at Fight Tips, before getting into a workout. Please remember to be safe and smart when you workout. Warming up will help prevent injury and soreness.

With that let’s HIIT it people! Remember HIIT training is super-effective. It is a way to workout smarter. 

Mon, Wed, Fri: Over/Under FTP – 40/20s 

Monday we are going to kick it off with a spin session. Repeat this one on Wednesday and Friday too. 

I found a cool “virtual” trail video to workout to. Treadmill TV has a bunch of videos on their YouTube Channel – please check out all their great content! I like to use virtual trail videos as a break from just spinning in the  basement and staring at the walls. I love trail adventures so these videos are great. They are especially good in the winter or when it’s been rainy for like two weeks! Definately not the same as being outside… but better than nothing! 

We will be spinning out 30 sets of 40 seconds at 110% of FTP, followed by 20 seconds up 90% FTP. So 10% over your FTP for the 40 seconds of harder work and then 10% under your FTP for the 20 seconds of lighter work. NO BREAKS. Just spin it out. Keep your resistance on but remember this is a 30 minute spin with no breaks. Put a little on during the 40, take a little off during 20. Get out of the saddle for a least 5 full sets if you can. If not, that’s ok, push youself and do as much as you can this week.
High Banks Virtual Trail Run Video – From TreadmillTV 

Tues and Thurs Workout – 40/20 Resistance Band Workout 

On Tuesday and Thursday we will be using our resistance band set. I picked up this set on amazon for about $20. I am not an affiliate or would provide the link. The set has everything needed for a great workout. 

For these we will keep the 40/20 protocol but it’s 40 seconds of hard work with 20 seconds of cardio recovery. 

Use your own resistance level here, but make sure to push it. I am using the two heaviest bands; 30lbs and 25lbs to combine to 55lbs. I am doing 4 reps of 8 different exercises. Its 40 seconds of the specified exercise followed by 20 seconds of a boxer shuffle, “fake jump rope” movement for a light cardio recovery period.

  • Set 1 – Arm curls 40 seconds, shuffle 20 seconds
  • Set 2 – Standing Bench Press 40 seconds, shuffle 20 seconds
  • Set 3 – Jab-Cross, 1-2 combos 40 seconds, shuffle 20 seconds
  • (40/20 going forward) 
  • Set 4 – Butterflies 40, shuffle 20
  • Set 5 – Big overhand rights 40, shuffle 20
  • Set 6 – (Switch stance) Big overhand lefts 40, shuffle 20 
  • Set 7 – Pull Backs 40, shuffle 20 
  • Set 8 – Repeat Jab-Cross, 1-2 combos for 40 seconds, shuffle 20 

Flexible brand adjustable resistance band set – it has everything I need for a good workout! 


I use my bike as the resistance band anchor. The set also comes with attachable door anchor piece. 

Try selecting and removing or editing the caption, now you don’t have to be careful about selecting the image or other text by mistake and ruining the presentation.

Motiversity is an awesome content spot for great positive media on YouTube and their webpage. I am listening to messages from Motiversity when I work out this week. Please check out their content.

Motiversity has tons of videos like this one. Listening to these videos when you workout is a pyschological edge. It will help change limiting self beliefs and allow you to push for new acheivements. 

Change Your Limiting Self-Beliefs

And you will change your world

There you have it my friends: The WOW – Workout of the Week for the week of October 22nd, 2018. Set your goals, then get your goals! Be happy and healthy my friends! Remember that you can start to be the hero of your own story today

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