The WOW – Workout of the Week – Yoga in the Am, Spin in the PM

Hey there Folks! I am a little late with this post. Better late than never! Here we go: The WOW – Workout of the week for the week of October 1st is what we at are calling Yoga in the Am, Spin in the PM. 

The name of this Workout is pretty self explanitory. I will be starting my day this week with a yoga routine. This is a great way to own your morning, which will let you own the day! 

Then each afternoon, after work this week I will be doing a HIIT spin session. Spin sessions are a great way to unwind and de-stress after the work day! 

This Week's Yoga Workout Video

The yoga workout this week is a great routine from Yoga With Tim. Yoga With Tim has tons of content for the casual yoga person like me who is just learning about yoga. Tim is a great instructor. His videos are well done. Please check out all of the great content from Yoga With Tim!

I like doing a morning workout because it gets me in the zone for the day. I try to do a hard workout that really pushes me. This weeks yoga video is just that, challenging, at least for me!

I have the idea that if I do hard physical work right away in the day that it puts me in a better place to take on the rest of the challanges I will face in that day. There is actually somee research behind this idea. Don’t take my word for it, please check yourself! I found this great article from that talks about 8 benefits of morning workouts. Research on this topic is vast, check it out for yourself if you have time. 

Thanks again to Yoga With Tim for the awesome content and video this week. Again please check out all the conent they provide for free! 


This Week's Spin Bike Video

For the spin session portion of the workout I found a pretty great HIIT training video from The Vegan Cyclist.Their Youtube Channel has tons of great conent; more cycling videos, race day ride-alongs, food recipies, and other great stuff. Pleas checkout all the content from The Vegan Cyclist!

The video below is great workout. It was shot in first person camera view that will make you feel like you are right there riding on the open road and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. The video has a progress bar along the top that shows how far you are in the workout. It features great verbal cues, an effort meter, a time remaining clock, a “set length” meter, and a good backing music track. In short, this great video has everything you need to get a killer HIIT spin bike workout in! Thanks to The Vegan Cyclist for sharing this awesome video! 


There you have it everyone, The WOW – Workout of the Week for the week of October 1st, 2018. Thanks to the video contributers this week. I love these folks and the free-for-everyone content they share. Please check out their channels and support the contributors! Thank you SOOO MUCH for reading! Be happy and healthy my friends! Remember, you can be the hero of your own story! 

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