Week Off From Writing The WOW

Week Off From Writing The WOW

Good Morning Friends!

I have been moving, cleaning, and then unpacking all weekend.

Then I got lost in Ikea for a whole week on Sunday! My third time ever being in that store. There were a few moments where I wasn’t sure I would make it out!

Ok, ok. It was not really week, but I got to the store around 11 AM yesterday and didn’t leave until about 4 PM. Aaand about “300 bones” later…

Then spent most of the night putting together my stuff.

With the move, unpacking, and the venture into The Mazes of Ikea, I just didn’t have time think about writing The WOW this week.

Gonna Have to Switch Up the Routine.

Being that I am not longer in the basement of a house and now living in a condo, I have to change up the routine a bit. I don’t think my neighbors under me will approve of 5 AM shadow boxing workouts or spin bike noise.

It might have to be yoga/tai chi kind of stuff in the AM and cardio stuff in the PM. This morning, I am going to go for a morning walk.

The WOW Will Be Back Next Week!

That’s all I got friends. Rest assured The WOW will be back next week with a brand new, totally awesome workout! I might even have some other totally cool info to share.

Be happy and healthy my friends! This move is like starting a new chapter in my life. It was needed. I get to be the hero of the next chapter! We all write the story of our lives with our thoughts, words, and actions. Since we write the story, why not be the hero in your story??

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